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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

View & Vote

Honest Reporting has a flash presentation about media bias against Israel's effort to defend herself. I want you to view it by clicking this link http://www.honestreporting.com/a/breaking_point.asp and sign their petition to the media at the end.

Germanys biggest Newspaper „FAZ” is launching a survey about the conflict in
Gaza. Voters can choose between 4 statements:
1. Israel must protect her citizens against Terror – Hamas provoked Israel
2. Israel blockaded peace in the Middle East – and shall not be surprised now
3. In principle Israel is right – but the attacks on Gaza are totally
4. Situation is not clear enough to decide who is right or wrong
This newspaper is very influential in Germany. Most of politicians and managers
are reading it. So far about 11.000 people gave their vote:
1. statement: 40%
2. statement: 44%
3. statement: 7%
4. statement: 9%
We still can change the results. (Remember? Yes we can!)
Please copy this link:
and click on the first statement. And now it`s getting interesting:
forward this mail to everybody you know around the globe!
Urge your friends and family to vote!

Ok, so it is in German. Ok, I can't read it either. My comments in Brackets [].

Das Land muss sich vor Terror sch├╝tzen - und Hamas hat Israel provoziert [This is the first choice on the ballot: It says Israel must exert self defense to stop terrorism. Click it's option button!]
Ergebnis [The word at left is the Results link. It is automatic after voting. ]
The vote link appears as a buttton on the right side of the form labeled Abstimmen. Click it after making your selection.

The vote was running 44890 71% in favor of truth & justice when I voted, it was 40% when the email was sent to me.
Click HERE to go vote.

This info was sent to me by Faultline, who obtained it from the Center For Vigilant Freedom. If you are not a member, you should join and become active.

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