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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Ban Islam? The Forward Appears Clueless

Ban Islam? The Forward appears clueless Ban Islam? The Forward appears clueless:

The proposed legislation bans the niqab, not the buqa.  The objection is to the face cover which hinders identification.  Criminals and terrorists could disguise themselves with the burqa & niqab. There have already been a few incidents.

    Fitra, including the hijab & burqa serve as warning signs to alert us to the presence of Islamic supremacists. While France and Georgia are wise to ban garments that prevent identification, banning the burqa & hijhab is functionally equivalent to amputating a snake's rattles or painting over a skunk's stripes.

    Phoebe Maltz Bovy invokes "the dignity-of-Muslim-women " , apparently ignorant of the fact that they have none.  Islamic law requires that Muslim women  suffer clitoridectomy and deems them to be defcient in religion and intelligence.
The Profit said that Muslim's wives are like prisoners, having no control over their lives. He also said that women are the majority in the fire.

     Of course, the hijab is a major source of the Muslima's dignity, or is it? Is it really about modesty and piety or  something less dignified? 

    What can be less dignified than open defecation in the desert? Moe gave his wives permission to go out to the desert at night "for their personal needs".  Umar, who was campaigning for  head covering, spyed on them and harassed Sauda.   Here is the sorry story in graphic novel form. Note that it is documented. I have linked the relevant ahadith below.

    The last ahadith listed above is not included in the video. In it, Aisha finks on Moe, exposing his issuance of situational scripture.  It fits hand in glove with Moe's use of the Qur'an to justify his actions to his wives.

    From that video we learn that the hijab is about open defecation and Islam is all about getting Moe what he wanted: sex.
It is Islam, not the burqa & hijab that should be banned. It should be banned because its mission is mercenary: accrual of ransom, tribute & spoils for Moe's personal emolument and its method is martial.  I now present proof of that fact.

What's Wrong With Islam_Muslims? by Kab Ashraf on Scribd


Sunday, November 13, 2016

Tell Your Child The Truth About Trump!

Tell Your Child The Truth About Trump! This is a get your head out of your arse moment about a teachable moment. If logic makes your head ache, take some Aspirin and listen to this anyway, it's worth the pain. PC & LibTard epithets explained in the context of how to tell your offspring about Donald J. Trump.

With a tip of the hat to: StarWish246  who  commented on "Give me the child until she is seven and we will have her for life" at Bare Naked Islam.

Stefan Molyneux delves into the complexities of explaining politics to children.

    Of cuss, his guidance also applies to adults. What is the source of your 'knowledge' about Trump? Is your source objective or biased?

    Your child's Trumpophobia presents an opportunity to explain political correctness, negative campaigning, propaganda and logical fallacies. Do not  pass up this teachable moment!!


    Reasoned opposition to Islamic conquest1 by stealth & terrorism is neither racist nor Islamophobic; it is common sense. Trump is an ignorant fool who thinks he has "Muslim friends" who are "wonderful people".  He does not realize that several Quranic ayat expressly forbid equal and inferior relationships with Kuffar.


     Reasoned opposition to unlimited illegal immigration is not racism. Trump railed against failure to deport illegal aliens who engaged in drunk driving, rape and murder. Securing the border is common sense, not racism.

    Trump reminded Black Americans about the false promises that have kept them enslaved to the 'crat party since '64 and invited them to vote for him for a change. That ain't racism. Would Dr. Ben Carson campaign for a racist?


    'Crats are the party of Balkanization: they pander to economic class and ethnic groups with gay abandon, telling opposite stories to Wall Street and Main Street, as exposed by Wikileaks.  Hillary pandered to Muslims and illegal aliens, Trump appealed to Americans.


These are the ayat & ahadith most relevant to the issues of Islamic conquest, terrorism & genocide. Read'em and curse Islam if you love life, liberty and peace. 3:151, 8:12,39,57,60,65,67, 9:5,29,38, 39,111,120,123, 33:26,27, 47:4,49:15, 59:2,13, 61:10-13; Sahih Bukhari 1.7.331 & 4.52.220