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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Islam 100 For Educators

Islam 100 For Educators
[This post iwas a page under construction. At present, it consists of  an initial information evaluation . When finished, each question will be linked to sources explaining the answers.   Fnished 04/02/18, , it is posted as a page at Islam Exposed. ]

Education means to draw out from within. Unless your students have had some interaction with Muslims or learned from other sources, there will be little or nothing to draw out. You will be their information provider.

    How will you evaluate your text books, handouts and audio-visual resources without knowledge of Islam? My intention is to help you measure your current knowledge and point you to original source texts to acquire more. 


    This subject matter is controversial. Muslims are heavily invested in Islam and very sensitive to any questioning or criticism. You must be very careful in presenting information about it. Avoid accusatory and insulting address to students and parents! Try to keep it objective, never subjective.

    Your lesson plan should include a bibliography with as many original sources as possible. Always be able and ready to back up everything you say with irrefutable facts. If you post on social media, make sure that you do not post anything negative about Islam or Muslims without solid evidence. Even then, do not post it on a profile that identifies you by name, image, address or employment.

    CAIR and others have a history of tortuous interference with the employment of educators, first responders and public officials. Do not give them an easy target.

Discussion & Debate

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Quiz Score

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What Do You Know About Islam?

You need to find out what you don't know about Islam. Your score will not be saved or shared with anyone by this blog.  Questions marked in red and bold font are internally linked to explanatory text which may include internal and external links.

Are the 15 statements listed below true or t?
  1. Islam is a religion of peace

  2. true

  3. Muslims only fight in self defense when attacked.

  4. true

  5. Islam spread by dawah, not jihad.

  6. true

  7. Jihad is internal struggle against the ego and temptations.

  8. true

  9. Jihad is one of the five pillars of Islam.

  10. true

  11. Terrorism has no connection to Islam.

  12. true

  13. Islam prohibits terrorism.

  14. true

  15. Muslims, Jews & Christians worship the same God.

  16. true

  17. Allah is God.

  18. true

  19. Allah is merciful & compassionate.

  20. true

  21. Jesus is a Muslim.

  22. true

  23. All the Old testament Prophets were Muslims

  24. true

  25. Islam forbids slavery.

  26. true

  27. Islam champions women's rights.

  28. true

  29. Islam values general education.

  30. true

Quiz Explained

religion of peace


    Once you have finished the course, you will realize that Islam is not a religion as we understand the concept. Religions are benign, anodyne & beneficent, not mercenary.   The root word of religion means "to bind". Muslims are "Allah's slaves" and Moe's companions were bound by the oath of Ridwan. In modern times, they swear bayah to the 'caliph' or an emir.

    Think of Islam in object oriented programming terms: as an object having properties and methods. Religion is one of it's properties. The original religion of Islam is jihad. Jihad is one of it's methods.


    Peace is the condition of the world after Islam completes it's global conquest so that Dar al-Harb: the house of war, is entirely subsumed by Dar al-Islam: the house of submission. 


    The literal meaning is extreme exertion or striving. the connotation is jihad in the way of Allah. Hilali & Khan, defined it in their footnote to 2.190.
(V. 2:190) Al-Jihid (holy fighting) in Allah's Cause (with full force of numbers
and weaponry) is given the utmost importance in Islam and is one of its pillars (on
which it stands). By Jihad Islam is established, Allah's Word is made superior, (His
Word being La ilaha illallah which means none has the right to be worshipped but
Allah), and His Religion (Islam) is propagated. By abandoning Jihad (may Allah
protect us from that) Islam is destroyed and the Muslims fall into an inferior
position; their honour is lost, their lands are stolen, their rule and authority vanish.
Jihad is an obligatory duty in Islam on every Muslim, and he who tries to escape
from this duty, or does not in his innermost heart wish to fulfil this duty, dies with
one of the qualities of a hypocrite.
Narrated 'Abdullah bin Mas'ud . I asked Allah's Messenger
Allah's Messenger! What is the best deed?" He replied, "To offer the Salit
(prayers) at their early fixed stated times." I asked, "What is next in goodness?" He
replied, "To be good and dutiful to your parents." I further asked, "What is next in
goodness?" He replied, "To participate in Jihid in Allah's Cause."

    Shari'ah, the law of Islam, expressed in "Reliance Of The traveller", the fiqh of the Shafi'i madhhab, book o, chapter 9.0 as:
Jihad means to war against non-Muslims, and is etymologically derived from the word mujahada signifying warfare to establish the religion.
The crap about greater and lesser jihad is deprecated.  If you want more detail, read this.

Jihad: Defense Only

    The assertion that Jihad is exclusively defensive is one of the most popular lies used to defend Islam. In the Mekkan period, Moe had little support and no army. In a state of weakness, he preached tolerance & forbearance. In Yathrib, as he built a fighting force, he preached defense and retaliation.  When his force was sufficient, he preached offensive conquest.
  1. 22:39. Permission to fight is given to those (i.e. believers against disbelievers), who are fighting them, (and) because they (believers) have been wronged, and surely, Allâh is Able to give them (believers) victory

  2. 2:190. And fight in the Way of Allâh those who fight you, but transgress not the limits. Truly, Allâh likes not the transgressors. [This Verse is the first one that was revealed in connection with Jihâd, but it was supplemented by another (V.9:36)].
  3. 8:39. And fight them until there is no more Fitnah (disbelief and polytheism: i.e. worshipping others besides Allâh) and the religion (worship) will all be for Allâh Alone [in the whole of the world ]. But if they cease (worshipping others besides Allâh), then certainly, Allâh is All-Seer of what they do.

  4. 9:29. Fight against those who (1) believe not in Allâh, (2) nor in the Last Day, (3) nor forbid that which has been forbidden by Allâh and His Messenger (4) and those who acknowledge not the religion of truth (i.e. Islâm) among the people of the Scripture (Jews and Christians), until they pay the Jizyah with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.

    22.39 does not say "attack", it says "fight". That would include those who resist Islamic attacks.  8.39  & 9.29 lack any expressed or implied defensive element.  Read this excerpt from shari'ah: "Reliance Of The Traveller: 'book' o, chapter 9.8.

o9.8: The Objectives of Jihad

The caliph (o25) makes war upon Jews, Christians, and Zoroastrians (N: provided he has first invited them to enter Islam in faith and practice, and if they will not, then invited them to enter the social order of Islam by paying the non-Muslim poll tax (jizya, def: o11.4) -which is the significance of their paying it, not the money itself-while remaining in their ancestral religions) (O: and the war continues) until they become Muslim or else pay the non-Muslim poll tax (O: in accordance with the word of Allah Most High,

"Fight those who do not believe in Allah and the Last Day and who forbid not what Allah and His messenger have forbidden-who do not practice the religion of truth, being of those who have been given the Book-until they pay the poll tax out of hand and are humbled" (Koran 9.29),

the time and place for which is before the final descent of Jesus (upon whom be peace).  After his final coming, nothing but Islam will be accepted from them, for taking the poll tax is only effective until Jesus' descent (upon him and our Prophet be peace), which is the divinely revealed law of Muhammad. The coming of Jesus does not entail a separate divinely revealed law, for he will rule by the law of Muhammad. As for the Prophet's saying (Allah bless him and give him peace),

"I am the last, there will be no prophet after me,"

this does not contradict the final coming of Jesus (upon whom be peace), since he will not rule according to the Evangel, but as a follower of our Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) ).

What must the caliph do prior to attacking Jews, Christians & Zoroastrians?  The requirement for dawah as a condition precedent for attack is confirmed in the fiqh of the Hanafi & Maliki madhhabs. If you are under attack, do you waste time inviting the enemy to convert to your religion before counter attacking?
  1. It is not lawful to make war upon any people who have never
    before been called to the faith, without previousy requiring them to
    embrace it; becaufe the prophet fo inftru(El:cd his commanders, dire£ling
    them to call the infidels to the faith f' and alfo, becaufe the
    people will hence perceive that they are attacked for the fake of religion,
    and not for the fake of taking then- property, or making fiaves
    <fi their children, and on this confuleration it is polfible that they
    may be induced to agree to the call, in order to lave thcmfelves from
    the troubles of war.
    Hedaya 2.144
  2. 30.2b. Inviting people to Islam first
    And it is preferable, according to us, that the enemy are not fought until they have been invited
    to the din of Allah except if they attack first. Risala pg. 284
  3. When you meet your enemies who are polytheists, invite them to three courses of action. If they respond to any one of these, you also accept it and withold yourself from doing them any harm. Invite them to (accept) Islam; if they respond to you, accept it from them and desist from fighting against them. Then invite them to migrate from their lands to the land of Muhairs and inform them that, if they do so, they shall have all the privileges and obligations of the Muhajirs. If they refuse to migrate, tell them that they will have the status of Bedouin Muilims and will be subjected to the Commands of Allah like other Muslims, but they will not get any share from the spoils of war or Fai' except when they actually fight with the Muslims (against the disbelievers). If they refuse to accept Islam, demand from them the Jizya. If they agree to pay, accept it from them and hold off your hands. If they refuse to pay the tax, seek Allah's help and fight them. Sahih Muslim 19.4294
    I have used the Qur'an, shari'ah and an authentic hadith to refute an egregious lie told by Muslims & Dhimmis. Let this be an example for you; emulate it!  Note the clause in Hedaya highlighted with yellow text background: it exposes the ostensible purpose of Jihad: Muslims want us to think it is pleasing Allah by making his word superior. The stark reality is exposed on the next page and on page 214: spoils including our wives & orphans. 

    Hedaya, with it's antique font, syntax & vocabulary is not easy reading but it is extremely important. Open the second volume to page 139 and keep reading at least through 216.


    Dawah is the invitation to embrace Islam and become a Muslim. As shown immediately above, it is a legal prerequisite for offensive Jihad except for surprise raids. With the exception of Indonesia, Islam was spread by the sword. I now exhibit to you something nobody else will show you: a hadith quoted by Ibn Kathir in his tafsir "The Benefits Of Iron".  This hadith has been Bowdlerized from the translated texts and on line databases because it contains informations Muslims need to conceal from you. The entire saying can be found in the Arabic texts of Musnad Ahmad and Fath al-Bari. 

Iwas sent with the sword just before the Hour so that Allah
be worshipped alone without partners. My provision was placed
under the shadow of my spear, and those who defy my order
were disgraced and humiliated, and he who imitates a people is
one of them.

' Ahmad 2 :50 , Abu Dawud 4 :3 14

Try searching the English translations for it!!!
Compare this excerpt from the translator's note to 2.190:

By Jihad Islam is established, Allah's Word is made superior, (His
Word being La ilaha illallah which means none has the right to be worshipped but
Allah), and His Religion (Islam) is propagated. By abandoning Jihad (may Allah
protect us from that) Islam is destroyed and the Muslims fall into an inferior
position; their honour is lost, their lands are stolen, their rule and authority vanish.
Jihad is an obligatory duty in Islam on every Muslim, and he who tries to escape
from this duty, or does not in his innermost heart wish to fulfil this duty, dies with
one of the qualities of a hypocrite.

    The closest thing to that hadith in English is found in the fourth volume of Sahih Bukhari, on page 108.  Aisha Bewley also abridged it.  One electronic database has the Arabic text but not the English translation: https://sunnah.com/bukhari/56 . Use the crtl f search to find (88) and see that there is no translation. Copy the Arabic text and enter it into Google Translate:
It is narrated from Ibn 'Umar that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: "Make my livelihood under the shadow of my spear,
 and make humiliation

    Here is the text and related footnote from Sahih Bukhari vol. 4, pg. 108

(88) CHAPTER. What is said regarding
Narrated Ibn 'Umar that the Prophet
said, "My livelihood is under the shade of my
spear ,(1) and he who disobeys my orders will
be humiliated by paying Jizya •,,(2)

(1) (Ch. 88) "Under the shade of my spear" means, from war booty.
(2) (Ch. 88) Jizya: See glossary.
The first footnote was lifted from Fath al-Bari! The second refers to 2.29 . "My order" means "convert or die". Jizya is established  in 9.29 and explained in Hedaya 2.212....
Jizya is a payment inlieu of destruction and a species of punishment for infidelity.

    Moe was sent with the sword to see that only Allah is worshiped. By Jihad, Islam is established. Get it?  How did Moe get his living? But wait, there is more! Ibn Kathir informs us that the real purpose of 9.29 is the jizya to replace income lost from pagan pilgrimage!!!

    There is one more important piece of evidence others will not show you. Moe dictated and dispatched threatening extortion letters to terrify intended victims into surrendering without a fight. The letter to the rulers of Aylah, a port city in Jordan, is the most explicit of them. Read it and curse Islam!!! There are may more letters in Ibn Sa'd!!
The Apostle of Allah, may Allah bless him, wrote to
Yuhannah Ibn Rubbàh and (other) chiefs of the people of Aylah: You are
safe. I praise Allah before you; there is no God but He. I will not fight
against you unless I write to you (in advance). So, join the fold of Islam or
[P. 29] pay the jizyah. Obey Allah and His Apostle and the messengers of
His Apostle, honour them and dress them in nice clothes, other than the
uniform of the ghazis. Provide Zayd with good clothes. If my messengers
will be pleased with you, I shall also be pleased with you. The jizyah is a
known thing. If you like that, peace might prevail over the land and sea;
you should obey Allah and His Apostle. You will not be required to pay
dues you have been paying to the Arabs and the 'Ajamis, and you will
pay the dues to Allah and His Apostle. If you send them (my messengers)
back and do not please them, I shall not accept anything from you, and
shall wage war against you and make your young ones captive and shall
stay your elders. Verily, I am the Apostle of Allah to communicate the
truth. I believe in Allah, His Books and His Apostles. I believe in Masih
Ibn Maryam (Messiah son of Mary) who is His word, to be His Apostle.
Come to me before you face the evil. I have given advice to my
messengers about your affairs. Pay three wasag (Wasaq is a camelloadequal
to sixty sa`s, each sa` being equal to four mudds, and each mudd
is equal to 1-1/3 lbs., thus a wasaq is equal to nearly four maunds of
Pakistan.) of barley to Harmalah. Verily, Harmalah has recommended
your case. Had there been no Allah and this (recommendation) I would
not have had any correspondence with you and you would have seen
armies marching against you. If you obey my messenger, verily, Allah is
your defender and (also) Muhammad and those who follow him. Verily,
my messengers are Shurahbil, Ubayyi, Harmalah and Hurayth lbn Zayd
al-Tá'i. If they conclude a treaty, I shall approve of it and you will be
under the guarantee of Allah and Allah's Apostle Muhammad. Salàm to
you. If you obey, you should arrange provisions for the people of Maqna
to go to their land.

Jihad an-Nafs

    Recall those clever "my jihad" advertisements about jihad being the struggle to maintain an exercize regimin, do one's homework or other routine tasks?  Do you believe them?  Reliance Of The Traveller, o9, in defining jihad, cites this hadith"``We have returned from the lesser jihad to the greater jihad.'' without citing any collection chain of narrators. A search at quranx, including 11 collections, returns three results, all from tafsirs with no provenance. A search at sunnah.com with 13 collections comes up blank.
Re-read the definitions of jihad found in the Hilale/Khan translation and Islamic law.


    The five publicly  recognized pillars are: Shahada,  Salah, Zakāt,:  Sawm &. Hajj: A companion asked Moe what would get him into Paradise. Moe mentioned salat, zakat, fasting & hajj, 
Then he said: 'Shall I not inform
you about the head of the entire
matter, and its pillar, and its
hump.' I said: 'Of course 0
Messenger of Allah!' He said: 'The
head of the matter is Islam, its
pillar is the Salãt, and its hump is
.Jihãd.' Tirmidhi 5.27
Shahada is the short creed: no god but Allah and Moe is his Profit. Salal is the five compulsory prayers. Saum is fasting durring Ramadan and Hajj is the pilgrimage to Mekkah.


    Denial of the linkage of Islam & terrorism is the biggest pile of steaming camel excrement!!! Allah said that he would and did cast terror. Allah commanded Muslims to "strike terror" and "terify thereby".  Allah awards Brownie Points for acts of terrorism. Moe said he was "made victorious with terror. See the documentation here.

    Pope Francis denied it; I took his denial apart! Catholics will be offended ty the gif in that post. That's tough. I am an equal opportunity offender: I curse them all, great and small without fear or favor and I can not tolerate liars!  In that post you will see actual pages from the Qur'an, hadith, tafsir & sira. Read them and learn!!!

    Hillary Clinton told the same lie. I took her tweet aparet point by point. Democrats will be offended by the gif in this post! The blog has two pdf files pinned at the top, screll down and read this below the second pdf.

    Each year, on Dec. 19, the United Nations passes a resolution reaffirming that Islam can not and must not be associated with terrorism. Iach year I tear it apart point by point. In this example, I delve deeply into the texts with more examples. If you do not find sufficient detail in this paf file, happy hunting!

Islam prohibits terroroism

    Islamic law prohibits terrifying a dhimmi or another Muslim. It does not prohibit terrorizing us!
(362-65) attacking anyone under the state's
protection in order to kill him, rob him, rape his
wife, terrorize or frighten him;  List of Enormities, W52.1 pg. 986

r28.1 (Nahlawi:) To make a believer fear other
than disobedience or coerce him to do something
he is averse to, such as giving a gift, marrying, or
selling something-all this is hurting him, and
hurting a believer is unlawful. The Prophet (Allah
bless him and give him peace) said,
"Whoever frightens a believer, it is incumbent
that Allah not protect him from the terrors of
Judgement Day as a fitting recompense."
Najm al-Ghazzi says in Husn al-tanabbuh,
"Among the works of the Devil is frightening,
annoying, or alarming a believer, all of which is
unlawful" (ibid., 157-58). pg. 763
The first
Allah commands and incentivizes terrorizing  infidels, see terrorism above.

same god

    Christianity and Islam are monotheistic: both believe there is one deity so it must be the same deity, right? WRONG/!!!  The first clue is in Surah Al-Kaffiroon 109. Allah says Muslims & Kuffar do not worship the same deity!!! The second clue is in Sahih Bukhari. 4.52.164. At Badr, Moe told Allah he'd never be worshiped again if he let Moe be defeated. If Christians in Yemen & Syria worshiped Allah, the threat would be void.  But wait, there is more!!!

Allah is Not God!

    See above. Of course this is redundant, but I want to drive the point home so deep you will never forget it. Allahu Shaytan!!! Moe received revelations through what he called the "musical instrument of Satan". He had an "attachment of devils",  he prayed to the "Lord of the Devils". In the Islamic creation myth, in pages 117-118 of Mishkat ul-Masabih, vol. 3, Allah creates the black race "for the fire and i don't care".

merciful & compassionate  

    Follow the link at the end of the last sentence in the topic above; about creating Blacks to burn. Allah is so merciful to Muslims that he will take them out of Hell and replace them with Jews or Christians!!!                         


    Islam co-opts the Jewish Prophets in an attempt to establish provenance. There is one problem with tht: Islam did not exist before 610 when Moe started preaching his lies.
Who was the first Muslim; first of believers? Moe was commanded to be the first  6:14  Admits he ws the first! 6.163

    Islam denies Christ's paternity, deity, crucifixion, death & resurrection. It makes him out to be inferior, a genocidal warlord, half brother and step son to Moe. Read about it here!


    Keller did not translate the laws related to slavery, claiming that they are anachronistic.  In the first volume of Hedaya there is a chapter on Manumission and more slavery related information in the chapters on marriage and divorce. Saudi Arabia ostensibly outlawed slavery in 1964 but it is still practiced. Reliance Of the traveller o 9.13 enslaves captured women and children by default.


When a child or a woman is taken captive, they become slaves by the fact of capture, and the woman's previous marriage is immediately annulled

    The Qur'an is full of reference to right hand possessions, meaning slaves.

women's rights

    Yeah, right ;) Women are inferior and obedient to men. 4.34 A Muslima inherits half as much as her brother. 4.176 She can not testify in a rape case and her testimony bears half the weight of a Muslim's. 2.282 Moe's final sermon let the cat out of the bag. Read it! On page 651, look for "lay injunctions on women kindly".


    2:129. "Our Lord! Send amongst them a Messenger of their own (and indeed Allâh answered their invocation by sending Muhammad Peace be upon him ), who shall recite unto them Your Verses and instruct them in the Book (this Qur'ân) and Al-Hikmah (full knowledge of the Islâmic laws and jurisprudence or wisdom or Prophethood, etc.), and sanctify them. Verily! You are the All-Mighty, the All-Wise.

    This quote is from Wikipedia:
Madrassas of Pakistan are Islamic seminaries in Pakistan, known as Madaris-e-Deeniya in Urdu. Most Madrasas teach mostly Islamic subjects such as Tafseer (Interpretation of the Quran), Hadith (thousands of sayings of Muhammad), Fiqh (Islamic Law), Arabic Language;[1] but include some non-Islamic subjects (such as logic, philosophy, mathematics), that enable students to understand the religious ones.[1]

    Reliance Of The traveller, Book a deals with knowledge. Of course, it puts emphasis on Islamic knowledge: the Qur'an, hadith, rituals and fiqh.  A search for Muslim literacy rate turned up this:

42.7% of Muslims Illiterate, Reveals Census Data - The Wire

Sep 1, 2016 - Literacy rates are highest among Jains, at 84.7%, followed by Christians (74.3%), Buddhists (71.8%) and Sikhs (67.5%). For Hindus, the figure stands at 36.3%, the second highest proportion of illiterate people. ... Data newly released from the 2011 Census of India on educational level ...

Muslim Statistics (Education and Employment) - WikiIslam

Apr 25, 2015 - But literacy languished, particularly among Muslim Arab populations. According to historian Donald Quataert, general Muslim literacy rates were only 2 to 3 percent in the early nineteenth century, and perhaps 15 percent at its end. The vast majority of Muslim women remained illiterate well into the twentieth ...

Friday, March 16, 2018




    This is a revision and extension of a Disqus comment originally posted at World Israel News on an article about an assassination attempt in Gaza. It relates to other commentary focusing on HAMAS  as the obstacle to peace. A recent series of posts at Islam Exposed explains why peace is impossible. It boils down to what Muslims believe:

Now is the time to remove the blinders & filters and take a cold clear view of the world.

HAMAS is not the problem. PLO is not the problem. Hizbollah is not the problem.

The problem is belief in Allah, his imperatives, threat & promise: ISLAM

Regardless of schismatic sect & particular organization, the LCD is Islam; all the rest is persiflage. While they believe, they will do Jihad!

$$$ donated to the Falestinians will be diverted to Jihad. Rebuild homes & infrastructure and the Falestinians will provoke Israel who will smash it all to Hell. Every cent will be wasted.

Lucy will always snatch the football away at the last moment. Wilie E. Coyote will always try to trap the road runner. Muslims will always try to conquer. Some things are fixed and immutable.

Discard the dreams; lay down the fantasies of peace. Krauts & Japs were defeated. Muslims can not be defeated 'cuz they do not accept defeat as final. Allah promised victory and he will deliver.

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is nearly impossible: prevail upon our governments to begin a Crusade to destroy the Muslim's Iman. Show them proof of the fact that Allah is Satan. Show them Moe's true character and repulsive works. Exploit the evidence contained in the canonical texts of Islam! Make them doubt. Make them question. Make them ashamed to be enslaved to Satan and following a profit into Hell.

Instead of wasting $40B on Falestine, invest it in promulgating the writings and videos of Father Zakaria, Brother Rachid & Ibn Q. al-Rassooli. "Innocence Of Muslims", despite it's poor production values, is proof of concept. Turn the Sunnah into a series of full length feature docudramas and distribute them so the Ummah will not be able to avoid them.

Jihad with it's genocide & terror will not end until Muslims quit believing; until the last Believer is dead or apostate. Art is long and time is fleeting. We must begin fighting the ideological war without delay.

View "Innocence Of Muslims" and my documentation of it's conceptual content.

Friday, March 02, 2018

Facebook Censorship: Muslims Are Slaves Of Satan!

Facebook Censorship! Someone commented in a Disqus thread: "It is a bad time to be a Muslim."  I replied and shared my reply on Facebook. This was the result.

    Website comments and Facebook  shares are not good places for writing books. And why reinvent the wheel?  If anyone objected, they could click through and respond on Disqus and I would gladly document the part the object to.   Instead, they resorted to censorship.


    It is the worst time to be a slave of Satan! Muslim = slave of Satan. The Hilali/Lhan translation of the Qur'an includes 3 surahs mentioning "slave of Allah"
  • 2:23. And if you (Arab pagans, Jews, and Christians) are in doubt concerning that which We have sent down (i.e. the Qur'ân) to Our slave (Muhammad Peace be upon him ), then produce a Sûrah (chapter) of the like thereof and call your witnesses (supporters and helpers) besides Allâh, if you are truthful.
  • 19:30. "He ['Iesa (Jesus)] said: Verily! I am a slave of Allâh, He has given me the Scripture and made me a Prophet;"

  • 19:93. There is none in the heavens and the earth but comes unto the Most Beneficent (Allâh) as a slave.

    If Moe was Allah's slave, Jesus is Allah's slave and there is none on earth who is not his slave, then, Muslim what are you? You are Allah's slave. And who is Allah?

of Satan

    Muslims are brainwashed to believe that Allah = Jehovah. It ain't true! The facts recorded in the Qur'am hadith and Sira are fatal to the falacy.  I documented them here:
    Moe said that he does not worship what you worship. He told Alllah, in case of his defeat at Badr, he'd never again be worshiped. If the Christians of Yemen and Egypt worshiped Allah, that threat would be void. Who then? At Badr, he preyed for the caravan "as a prey" At every ghazwat, he prayed to the "Lord Of  the Devils"; who might that be?

    In the cave of Hira, Moe believed he was squeezed by the devil, possessed or going mad. He received revelations through "the musical instrument of Satan". he had "an attachment of devils".  And the facts are documented in the two pdf files linked above!

Canonical Books

    And I posted links to them. The link to Relince is broken, the others should be good. Anyone with intenet access can obtain those books. I did, and I quoted and linked to them in my post about the hijab.

predators & prey

    The proof is in Islamic law: Hedaa, the guidance of the Hanafi madhab, used by the Ottoman Empire. Infidels may be attacked without provocation. The ostensible purpose of Jihad is Allah's good pleasure. The real objective is plunder. The facts are clear on the face of the text: vol. 2, pages 141, 144, 145 & 214. Read'em and weep!
    No attack here, just statements of fact found in Islam's canonical texts! LibTards object to exhibition of the facts.  They lack facts, having only raw emotions and maundery, they can not debate in an open forum.


Sunday, September 10, 2017

Islam & Terrorism: The Connection

Islam & Terrorism: The Connection

Islam & Terrorism: The Connection

    Elected officials, clerics and other self anointed experts frequently assure us that "Islam has nothing to do with terrorism.". They are liars and I can prove it!  They have malignant maundery, I have relevant, verifiable probative  evidence.

Allah's Word

    Allah will cast terror!

3:151. We shall cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve, because they joined others in worship with Allâh, for which He had sent no authority; their abode will be the Fire and how evil is the abode of the Zâlimûn (polytheists and wrong­doers).

8:12. (Remember) when your Lord inspired the angels, "Verily, I am with you, so keep firm those who have believed. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who have disbelieved, so strike them over the necks, and smite over all their fingers and toes."

    Allah cast terror!

  • 33:26. And those of the people of the Scripture who backed them (the disbelievers) Allâh brought them down from their forts and cast terror into their hearts, (so that) a group (of them) you killed, and a group (of them) you made captives.

  • 59:2. He it is Who drove out the disbelievers among the people of the Scripture (i.e. the Jews of the tribe of Banî An-Nadîr) from their homes at the first gathering. You did not think that they would get out. And they thought that their fortresses would defend them from Allâh! But Allâh's (Torment) reached them from a place whereof they expected it not, and He cast terror into their hearts, so that they destroyed their own dwellings with their own hands and the hands of the believers. Then take admonition, O you with eyes (to see).

Allah Commanded Terror!

  •    8:57. So if you gain the mastery over them in war, punish them severely in order to disperse those who are behind them, so that they may learn a lesson.
  • 8:60. And make ready against them all you can of power, including steeds of war (tanks, planes, missiles, artillery, etc.) to threaten the enemy of Allâh and your enemy, and others besides whom, you may not know but whom Allâh does know. And whatever you shall spend in the Cause of Allâh shall be repaid unto you, and you shall not be treated unjustly.


    Where is the terror in those commands? Two translations say terror. Three translations say strike fear. The verb used is fasharrid, meaning disperse.  In 8.60, the operative word is tur'hibūna, meaning to terrify. How did Moe's earliest biographer interpret those verses?


Strike Terror!

Guillaume: The Life Of Muhammad pg. 326 Emphasis added. Click to enlarge.

    Moe & his army were a greater terror to the Jews!

  • 59:13. Verily, you (believers in the Oneness of Allâh - Islâmic Monotheism) are more awful as a fear in their (Jews of Banî An-Nadîr) breasts than Allâh. That is because they are a people who comprehend not (the Majesty and Power of Allâh).
    • The Arabic word is خوف rahbatan , meaning fear. 
    • But 13 of the 51 parallel translations, including that of Yusuf Ali at Islam Awakened translate it as terror. 

Allah Rewards Terrorists!

    Yes, he awards Brownie Points for steps taken to injure or enrage infidels!!! If that does not fit the definition of terrorism, what does?! Such works are recorded to the terrorist's credit as righteous good deeds to be weighed against his sins on Judgment Day.
  • 9:120. It was not becoming of the people of Al-Madinah and the bedouins of the neighbourhood to remain behind Allâh's Messenger (Muhammad  when fighting in Allâh's Cause) and (it was not becoming of them) to prefer their own lives to his life. That is because they suffer neither thirst nor fatigue, nor hunger in the Cause of Allâh, nor they take any step to raise the anger of disbelievers nor inflict any injury upon an enemy but is written to their credit as a deed of righteousness. Surely, Allâh wastes not the reward of the Muhsinûn

  • Tafsir Ibn Kathir (nor they take any step to raise the anger of disbelievers), by strategies of war that would terrify their enemy,(nor inflict), a defeat on the enemy, (but is written to their credit) as compensation for these steps that are not under their control, but a consequence of performing good deeds that earn them tremendous rewards,

Moe's Sayings

    made victorious with terror

    The Profit bragged about being made victorious with terror!
Sahih Bukhri Volume 4, page 140. Emphasis added. Click to enlarge.


    Abdullah Azzam quoted a jurist ruling that an expedition must be sent out to terrorize infidels in every year.

Abdullah Azzam Defense Of Muslim Lands pg. 14 Emphasis added. Click to enlarge.

Objects of Fear

Hedaya, the fiqh of the Hanafi madhab, declares that every Muslim must be an object of fear to infidels because he is likely to attack them.
Hedaya Vol. 2, page 154. Emphasis added. Click to enlarge.

    I have assembled the most relevant ayat, ahadith & exegesis together with relevant fiqh to establish the nexus between Islam & Islamic terrorism. How do you hope to prove me wrong?  Give it a try in the comments if you have probative evidence.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

President Trump: Meet The New Boss Same As The Old Boss

President Trump: Meet The New Boss Same As The Old Boss     I expect that , if it is noticed, this post will make me a pariah.  Being an equal opportunity offender, I ream new holes for liars I discover even if the new President I voted for gets reamed.  I acknowledge the fact that President Trump is orders of magnitude superior to Obamination, of whom, good riddance!  But he said on the campaign trail that he would abandon PC, yet he resorted to it in his inaugural address.   

    In a mercifully brief inaugural address, President Trump revisited his major campaign themes. One throwaway line stands ot and I am seizing on it. The subject matter of the sentence quoted below is too vital to dismiss. A national debate is required, let it begin here and now[Superscripts in the quotes are internally linked to my comments below. Use your Back Space key to return to your place in the quote after reading a comment..

We will reinforce old alliances1 and form new ones – and unite the civilized world2 against Radical3 Islamic Terrorism4, which we will eradicate5 completely from the face of the Earth.

    President Trump  raised the issue again in a speech to the CIA, the hot part starts at the end of the second minute of the speech.  Thanks and a tip of the hat to Jihad Watch!

“We have to get rid of ISIS6. We have no choice. Radical Islamic terrorism7, and I said it yesterday, has to be eradicated, just off the face of the earth. This is evil. This is evil….This is a level of evil that we haven’t seen8. And you’re going to go it and you’re going to do a phenomenal job, but we’re going to end9 it. It’s time. It’s time right now to end it.”

..."Problems that are interrelated to the havoc and fear that this sick group of people10 has caused" ...

     From the White House  "America First Foreign Policy" page:
"Defeating ISIS and other radical Islamic terror groups11 will be our highest priority. To defeat and destroy12 these groups, we will pursue aggressive joint and coalition military operations when necessary. In addition, the Trump Administration will work with international partners13 to cut off funding for terrorist groups, to expand intelligence sharing, and to engage in cyberwarfare to disrupt and disable propaganda14 and recruiting."


    Our allies, Australia, Britain,Canada, France & Germany, for example, are committing  societal suicide by admitting large numbers of enemy invaders. None of them shows any real sign of having the political will to wage exterminating war on the enemy.

    The Islamic nations claimed as allies by Obamination, are enemies, not allies. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia  supports terrorists and propagates Islam. Allah, in his Qur'an, explicitly forbids alliance & partnership with kuffar.

3:118. O you who believe! Take not as (your) Bitânah (advisors, consultants, protectors, helpers, friends, etc.) those outside your religion (pagans, Jews, Christians, and hypocrites) since they will not fail to do their best to corrupt you. They desire to harm you severely. Hatred has already appeared from their mouths, but what their breasts conceal is far worse. Indeed We have made plain to you the Ayât (proofs, evidences, verses) if you understand.

4:139. Those who take disbelievers for Auliyâ' (protectors or helpers or friends) instead of believers, do they seek honour, power and glory with them? Verily, then to Allâh belongs all honour, power and glory.

4:144. O you who believe! Take not for Auliyâ' (protectors or helpers or friends) disbelievers instead of believers. Do you wish to offer Allâh a manifest proof against yourselves? 

5:51. O you who believe! Take not the Jews and the Christians as Auliyâ' (friends, protectors, helpers, etc.), they are but Auliyâ' to one another. And if any amongst you takes them as Auliyâ', then surely he is one of them. Verily, Allâh guides not those people who are the Zâlimûn (polytheists and wrong­doers and unjust)

5:57. O you who believe! Take not for Auliyâ' (protectors and helpers) those who take your religion for a mockery and fun from among those who received the Scripture (Jews and Christians) before you, nor from among the disbelievers; and fear Allâh if you indeed are true believers.

9:23. O you who believe! Take not for Auliyâ' (supporters and helpers) your fathers and your brothers if they prefer disbelief to Belief. And whoever of you does so, then he is one of the Zâlimûn (wrong-doers, etc.).

60:1. O you who believe! Take not My enemies and your enemies (i.e. disbelievers and polytheists, etc.) as friends, showing affection towards them, while they have disbelieved in what has come to you of the truth (i.e. Islâmic Monotheism, this Qur'ân, and Muhammad ), and have driven out the Messenger (Muhammad ) and yourselves (from your homeland) because you believe in Allâh your Lord! If you have come forth to strive in My Cause and to seek My Good Pleasure, (then take not these disbelievers and polytheists, etc., as your friends). You show friendship to them in secret, while I am All-Aware of what you conceal and what you reveal. And whosoever of you (Muslims) does that, then indeed he has gone (far) astray, (away) from the Straight Path .

60:13. O you who believe! Take not as friends the people who incurred the Wrath of Allâh (i.e. the Jews). Surely, they have been in despair to receive any good in the Hereafter, just as the disbelievers have been in despair about those (buried) in graves (that they will not be resurrected on the Day of Resurrection).

Exactly what part of that do you not comprehend?

    Do predator and prey form alliances?  Our alliance with Russia dissolved into cold war after WWII. Muslims, who are commanded not to be our friends, allies or partners, are also commanded to wage war against us. The command is Nāsikh, not Mansūkh and it can not be ignored. 9.29 abrogates earlier, passive and tolerant verses.

civilized world

    Nations with  Muslim populations and Islamic governments are not part of the civilized world, they are on the other side in this war. Jihad is a function of belief in Allah, his imperatives, threat & promise, not nationality.

    Islam was contrived by an Arab for his personal emolument through the profession of brigandry. Ibn Khaldun, a North African Arab, wrote this about Arabs; it applies to Muslims: [Muquaddimah pg. 199 Emphasis and footnote 15 added.]
The reason for this is that (the Arabs) are a savage nation, fully accustomed to savagery and the things that cause it. Savagery has become their character and nature. They enjoy it, because it means freedom from authority and no subservience to leadership. Such a natural disposition is the negation and antithesis of civilization. All the customary activities of the Arabs lead to travel and movement.
 This is the antithesis and negation of stationariness, which produces civilization. For instance, the Arabs need stones to set them up as supports for their cooking pots. So, they take them from buildings which they tear down to get the stones, and use them for that purpose. Wood, too, is needed by them for props for their tents and for use as tent poles for their dwell ings. So, they tear down roofs to get the wood for that purpose. The very nature of their existence is the negation of building, which is the basis of civilization. This is the case with them quite generally.
    Furthermore, it is their nature to plunder whatever other people possessTheir sustenance lies wherever the shadow of their lances falls.15 They recognize no limit in taking the possessions of other people. Whenever their eyes fall upon some property, furnishings, or utensils, they take it. When they acquire superiority and royal authority, they have complete power to plunder (as they please). There  no  longer exists any political (power) to protect property, and civilization is ruined.

Moe: Plunderer

    I wrote that Ibn  Khaldun's description of Arabs fits Muslims. Why? Because of this sentence: "Their sustenance lies wherever the shadow of their lances falls."  One of Moe's pithy sayings has been Bowdlerized from the Khan translation of Bukhari  found on the web. Aisha Bewley did not expurgate it and Ibn Kathir melded it with another in his Tafsir from which I quote. [Emphasis added.]
"(I was sent with the sword just before the Hour so that Allah be worshipped alone without partners. My provision was placed under the shadow of my spear, and those who defy my order were disgraced and humiliated, and he who imitates a people is one of them.) "
  • Their sustenance lies wherever the shadow of their lances falls.
  • My provision was placed under the shadow of my spear
Got a clue yet?  If not, go look it up in Fath al-Bari.  The obvious meaning is the correct meaning.


  1. 1 :  of, relating to, or proceeding from a root: such asa (1) :  of or growing from the root of a plant <radical tubers> (2) :  growing from the base of a stem, from a rootlike stem, or from a stem that does not rise above the ground <radical leaves>b :  of, relating to, or constituting a linguistic rootc :  of or relating to a mathematical rootd :  designed to remove the root of a disease or all diseased and potentially diseased tissue <radical surgery> <radical mastectomy>

  2. 2 :  of or relating to the origin :  fundamental

  3. 3a :  very different from the usual or traditional :  extremeb :  favoring extreme changes in existing views, habits, conditions, or institutionsc :  associated with political views, practices, and policies of extreme changed :  advocating extreme measures to retain or restore a political state of affairs <the radical right>

  4. 4 slang :  excellent, cool

    This is a pull your head out of the sand moment: was the sand from your eyes, shake the dust from your head and take a long, clear eyed look at definition 3a  in the quote from Webster above.

    "Radical" is prefixed to Islam/Islamic to convey a false impression of the existence of an anodyne standard Islam. Islam, as Moe preached and practiced it 1400 years ago, is neither anodyne nor beneficent. It is mercenary and martial.  Between  his emigration to Medina and his death, Moe ordered 86 battles and personally participated in 17 of them.  

    Terrorism is commanded in the Qur'an and exemplified in the hadith & sira. Terrorism is an intrinsic sacrament of normative Islam.  It is standard, not exceptional.  

    How do you know when a politician is lying? Whenever he says "Radical Islamic Terrorism" or "Radical Islam", he is lying, as illustrated in the gif above.


    Read this description of terror from the hadith.

Volume 4, Book 55, Number 567:

Narrated Abu Said Al-Khudri:

The Prophet said, "Allah will say (on the Day of Resurrection), 'O Adam.' Adam will reply, 'Labbaik wa Sa'daik', and all the good is in Your Hand.' Allah will say: 'Bring out the people of the fire.' Adam will say: 'O Allah! How many are the people of the Fire?' Allah will reply: 'From every one thousand, take out nine-hundred-and ninety-nine.' At that time children will become hoary headed, every pregnant female will have a miscarriage, and one will see mankind as drunken, yet they will not be drunken, but dreadful will be the Wrath of Allah."

    "The Qdur'anic Concept Of War" is a strategy manual of the Army of Pakistan. It has a clue for you! Terror is both the means and the ends; the condition they wish to impose.

    Allah said he would and did cast terror, resulting in victory. Allah commanded Muslims to strike terror and terrify kuffar.  Moe said he was made victorious with terror. This list contains links to the most relevant ayat & ahadith.    3:151, 8:12,39,57,60,65,67, 9:5,29,38, 39,111,120,123, 33:26,27, 47:4,49:15, 59:2,13, 61:10-13; Sahih Bukhari 1.7.331 & 4.52.220.  Read them and curse Islam!  If you want detailed  examples of Moe's terrorism, read this.

eradicate terrorism

    It is not possible to eradicate terrorism without eradicating Islam. Stalin and Mao tried that on a local scale and failed miserably. What makes President Trump so special that he can do what powerful dictators could not do?  
    Does he have the political will to nuke 1.3 billion people off the face of the earth?  I suppose Congress and the UN would go along with that. /Sarc

    Does he have a sufficient stockpile of conventional weapons to do the job? How would he pay for that? In his first term, right?

    Muslims can not be defeated without destroying their faith. Islamic Iman makes them immune to terror  Brig. S.K. Malik explains it in "The Quranic Concept Of War".

        Moe knew what the Bedouins wanted: wine, food, wealth & sex. He promised those things to them, to be delivered after they die, on condition that they do his wet work. That is Allah's promise: do my wet work :"fight in Allah's cause" and I will admit you to my celestial orgy.  Allah also has a threat: "sit at home without battle scars and I will burn you".
 Where do you want to go, the orgy or the fire pit? Start reading  Surah An-Naba' at 78.21. The verses that command terrorism are:  8.12, 57 & 60; the promise of Brownie Points is in 9.120 . The threat is in 9.38-39 and the promise of orgy is in 9.111 & 61.9-12 listed and linked  in the Terrorism topic above.

    While Muslims believe, they will continue to wage  Jihad and terrorism in hopes of Jannah & fear of Jannahm.  Your mission, President Trump, is to destroy their Iman so that they will abandon Islam. I charge you to begin tomorrow to devise strategies and tactics for causing mass apostasy. You must make Muslims ashamed to be slaves of Allah and followers of Moe. You must prove to them that Allah is Satan and Moe was a false prophet. Can you do that?  Are you willing to undertake the mission?


    Was WWII won by getting rid of Panzers, SS & kamikazes, or did it require defeat of Germany and Japan?  Did killing Bin Ladin eliminate terrorism?  Why not??  There are more than 50 terrorist groups. Even if you eliminate all of them, Islam would remain.  The Islamic State is a decoy, you must eliminate Islam. The war is not over while one believing Muslim lives.

Radical Islamic terrorism

    As explained above, terrorism is normative, not radical; an intrinsic sacrament of Islam. Call it what it is: Islamic Terrorism. Islam takes no adjectives, it is what it is, by design and without reformation. Terrorism and Islam are one.

evil that we haven’t seen

    Blind to history?  Hindu Kush!  Khaibar! Constantinople! Assyrian Genocide! Armenian Genocide! Greek Genocide!  What kind of ignorant fool are you?  

end it

    The time to end it was in 624. But Moe's victims were not united. They did not cooperate effectively and were picked off one by one. It is not possible to end terrorism without ending Islam because Jihad & terrorism are intrinsic sacraments commanded by Allah and exemplified by Moe for Muslims to obey and  emulate in all times and places.

sick group of people

    Call them what they are, Mr. President: Believing Muslims!  Not insane. Not diseased. Not  ignorant, repressed, suppressed, oppressed or anything else but believing Muslims!  They have not distorted, perverted or hijacked Islam, they  have obeyed Allah and emulated his Profit.

    The sick group of people are constipated  politicians, whose feces comes out their mouths. Their diseases are dhimmitude and political correctness.

Islamic terror groups

    Eliminating Islam should be your top priority because all Islamic terror groups are dependent on Islam for their motivation and Believing Muslims for cannon fodder. They are dependent on the Ummah al-Islamiyya for support. Muslims are the terror group/!

 defeat and destroy

    Defeat and destroy Islam if you want victory! As explained above, terrorism will continue so long as the earth is Muslim infested.  Muslims go to war or to Hell; it's what they do. Read all my comments above and get a clue!


    A good offense is the best defense!  Offend Muslims! Piss them off! Embarrass them! Tell those proud Muslimas the truth about their headbags, how they are symbolic of open defecation, neither piety nor modesty.  Tell pious Muslim believers the truth about Moe: that he was a demon possessed false prophet who revealed situational scripture,  suborned murder, raped captive women and practiced extortion. Show them the proof which is to be found in the Qur'an, sahih hadith collections and sira.

    Do you know why  "Innocence Of Muslims" pisses them off?  'Cuz it's true!!! Click the link, watch the video, watch the two  experts analyze it and read my own analysis, then you will have a clue or two!  At least  one full length feature screen play based on the sira sits on the shelf. Persuade Mel Gibson to produce it, dub it into Persian, Urdu and Arabic, then give it global distribution.  Show the Ummah how they have been enslaved and victimized by an impious fraud!  .