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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Answering The Bridges of Faith Letter to President Elect Trump

Answering The Bridges of Faith Letter to President Elect Trump
    While searching for other responses to the Muslim Leader's open letter to President Elect Trump, I found this missive from a group of self-righteous Dhimmis at cincinnati.com. The original Face Book post in the first link above includes a list of signatories which I have omitted from the text below.  

    My commentary on this letter follows below the horizontal line . Superscripts added to the text are linked to my comments, click a superscript to read the relevant comment, then use your back space key to return to your place in the text. 

Dear President Elect Trump,

We are a group of Muslims, Christians and Jews in Ohio called Bridges of Faith Trialogue, who have come together for the past 13 years fostering mutual respect1 and understanding. The Trialogue has grown into a model of interfaith dialogue and collective work for our community. In so doing, we are living the belief that our communities and our country are stronger and greater when people from diverse cultures and traditions work together on common causes2.

You have been elected on a message of making America great again3. You have also stated you plan to be the President for all Americans and create a country in which we can all be proud and prosperous. America is a nation built by immigrants who have enriched this country with their talent and hard work. As the new leader of the United States, it will be important that you make Americans of all religions4, races, genders and cultures feel included in your goal to make America great again.

As President you must lead the effort to be inclusive of all Americans. We urge everyone to put negative rhetoric aside and for you to bring together a leadership team that can help unite Americans and move us forward together. As our new President, you cannot be successful if any segment of our society feels disenfranchised by you or your administration.

We commit as individuals, as a group and as part of many diverse groups to work with you to create a country in which no one feels excluded or becomes a victim of prejudice. Like you, we want an America that is free of racism5 and bigotry6 and believe that only by returning to these principles upon which our country that we love was founded will America reach its full potential and stand as a shining model for the rest of the world.

We implore you not to forget Abraham Lincoln's words from his second Inaugural Address, "With malice towards none, with charity for all... let us strive to finish the work we are in, to bind up the nation's wounds." Thank you.

Bridges of Faith Trialogue
Cincinnati, Ohio
December 6, 2016

mutual respect

    Christians & Jews may respect Muslims if they are damned fools, but Muslims will never reciprocate. In Islamic eyes, Jews earned Allah's wrath and Christians went astray. They curse us early and often. Our blood and treasure are not sacred to Muslims and we have no human rights until we become Muslims. Its open season! In the list of impure substances, we rank between dogs and liquor.

common cause

    The Muslim's cause is global imposition of  Shari'ah. [More evidence.] Did we make common cause with Nazis in WWII?  Why not?

Trump's Platform

    While #MAGA was the centerpiece of the campaign, Candidate Trump also promised  to "keep radical Islamic terrorism the Hell out of America".  Although President Elect Trump probably does not know it, excluding terrorism requires excluding Muslims.

    Muslims carry Islam with them wherever they go and terrorism is an intrinsic sacrament of Islam. Muslims are commanded to "strike terror" and  "terrify" "enemies" .  Allah said he would and did cast terror. Moe said he was made victorious with terror.

Americans of all religions

    Muslims are not Americans: they are Muslims! Their  allegiance  is to Allah and the Ummah, not to America. Prior to the invasion of Afghanistan, they were under fard al-kifaya: a communal obligation to wage war against us. Following that invasion, their Jihad obligation is fard ain:  individually binding on all Muslims wheresoever dispersed over the face of  the earth.  If you have doubt, read about it in The Book Of Jihad.   The commands to wage war are found here: 


    Did Ayaan Hirsi Ali change her race when she apostatized or is she still Black?  Did Dougie Hooper change his race when he reverted to Islam or is he still white?  

Who wrote this, was he a Jew or Christian? Was he a racist?
The   reason for this is that (the Arabs) are a savage nation, fully
accustomed to savagery and the things that cause it. Savagery has become their
character and nature. They enjoy it, because it means freedom from authority and no
subservience to leadership. Such a natural disposition is the negation and antithesis
of civilization. All the customary activities of the Arabs lead to travel and
movement. This is the antithesis and negation of stationariness, which produces
civilization. For instance, the Arabs need stones to set them up as supports for their
cooking pots. So, they take them from buildings which they tear down to get the
stones, and use them for that purpose. Wood, too, is needed by them for props for
their tents and for use as tent poles for their dwell ings. So, they tear down roofs to
get the wood for that purpose. The very nature of their existence is the negation of
building, which is the basis of civilization. This is the case with them quite

Furthermore, it is their nature to plunder whatever other people possess.
Their sustenance lies wherever the shadow of their lances falls. They recognize no
limit in taking the possessions of other people. Whenever their eyes fall upon some
property, furnishings, or utensils, they take it. When they acquire superiority and
royal authority, they have complete power to plunder (as they please). There no
longer exists any political (power) to protect property, and civilization is ruined.

On page 197 of the same text, we find this:
Therefore, the Negro nations are, as a rule, submissive to slavery, because
(Negroes) have little (that is essentially) human and have attributes that are quite
similar to those of dumb animals, as we have state.

    The author of those passages was a North African Arab!  

The following image is from page 48 of an anthology of hadith from Mishkat Ul-Misabih. The story is on pages 117-118 of  the third volume of Mishkat if you can find it. http://aaiil.org/text/books/others/durrani/mishkatulmasabeehmasabih/mishkatulmasabeehmasabih.pdf#page=48

Fact based objection to Islamic doctrine and practice is not racism. It is not a function of physignomy or pigmentation, it is opposition to pure unmitigated evil including racism and misogyny.


    Bigotry denotes hidebound adherence to prejudice in the face of  facts. The fatal facts of Islam are to be found in its cannon. Sane, intelligent and open minded men of good will curse and condemn Islam after discovering those facts in the Qur'an,  hadith, sira and shari'ah.  

    having read two Qur'an translations, four of the six sittah, The Sealed Nectar and sampled The Reliance Of The  Traveller, Hedaya, Risala and The Life Of Muhammad, I am no bigot.  I know the truth about Islam and I will not be silent.

    The worst bigots are those who adhere to the hidebound prejudice that "Islam is a great religion of peace." having nothing to do with  Jihad, genocide, terrorism, slavery & oppression.  

    Most of the facts which contradict that prejudice are contained in pdf files embedded in this blog page:
http://islamexposed.blogspot.com/p/islam-101-for-politicians.html  Two files not included in that page show that Allah is Satan, not Jehovah.:

Muslims curse us

imposition of shari'ah

   In the Muslim community, the holy war is a religious duty, because of the
universalism of the (Muslim) mission and (the obligation to) convert everybody to
Islam either by persuasion or by force. Therefore, caliphate and royal authority are
united in (Islam), so that the person in charge can devote the available strength to
both of them  at the same time.  https://asadullahali.files.wordpress.com/2012/10/ibn_khaldun-al_muqaddimah.pdf#page=303

  Islam  wishes  to  destroy  all  states  and  governments
anywhere  on  the  face  of  the  earth  which  are  opposed  to
the  ideology  and programme  of  Islam  regardless  of  the  country  or  the  Nation  which  rules  it.  The
purpose  of  Islam  is  to  set  up  a  state  on  the  basis  of  its   own  ideology  and
programme, regardless of which nation assumes the role  of the standard-bearer of
Islam   or   the   rule   of   which   nation   is   undermined   in   the   process   of   the
establishment of an ideological Islamic State. Islam  requires the earth—not just a
portion, but the whole planet—not because the  sovereignty  over the earth should
be wrested from one nation or several nations and vested in one particu- ...


    Click through and read the most relevant ayat & ahadith:  3:151, 8:12,39,57,60,65,67, 9:5,29,38, 39,111,120,123, 33:26,27, 47:4,49:15, 59:2,13, 61:10-13; Sahih Bukhari 1.7.331 & 4.52.220.  If you need more detail, you can find it here:

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Ban Islam? The Forward Appears Clueless

Ban Islam? The Forward appears clueless Ban Islam? The Forward appears clueless:

The proposed legislation bans the niqab, not the buqa.  The objection is to the face cover which hinders identification.  Criminals and terrorists could disguise themselves with the burqa & niqab. There have already been a few incidents.

    Fitra, including the hijab & burqa serve as warning signs to alert us to the presence of Islamic supremacists. While France and Georgia are wise to ban garments that prevent identification, banning the burqa & hijhab is functionally equivalent to amputating a snake's rattles or painting over a skunk's stripes.

    Phoebe Maltz Bovy invokes "the dignity-of-Muslim-women " , apparently ignorant of the fact that they have none.  Islamic law requires that Muslim women  suffer clitoridectomy and deems them to be defcient in religion and intelligence.
The Profit said that Muslim's wives are like prisoners, having no control over their lives. He also said that women are the majority in the fire.

     Of course, the hijab is a major source of the Muslima's dignity, or is it? Is it really about modesty and piety or  something less dignified? 

    What can be less dignified than open defecation in the desert? Moe gave his wives permission to go out to the desert at night "for their personal needs".  Umar, who was campaigning for  head covering, spyed on them and harassed Sauda.   Here is the sorry story in graphic novel form. Note that it is documented. I have linked the relevant ahadith below.

    The last ahadith listed above is not included in the video. In it, Aisha finks on Moe, exposing his issuance of situational scripture.  It fits hand in glove with Moe's use of the Qur'an to justify his actions to his wives.

    From that video we learn that the hijab is about open defecation and Islam is all about getting Moe what he wanted: sex.
It is Islam, not the burqa & hijab that should be banned. It should be banned because its mission is mercenary: accrual of ransom, tribute & spoils for Moe's personal emolument and its method is martial.  I now present proof of that fact.

What's Wrong With Islam_Muslims? by Kab Ashraf on Scribd


Sunday, November 13, 2016

Tell Your Child The Truth About Trump!

Tell Your Child The Truth About Trump! This is a get your head out of your arse moment about a teachable moment. If logic makes your head ache, take some Aspirin and listen to this anyway, it's worth the pain. PC & LibTard epithets explained in the context of how to tell your offspring about Donald J. Trump.

With a tip of the hat to: StarWish246  who  commented on "Give me the child until she is seven and we will have her for life" at Bare Naked Islam.

Stefan Molyneux delves into the complexities of explaining politics to children.

    Of cuss, his guidance also applies to adults. What is the source of your 'knowledge' about Trump? Is your source objective or biased?

    Your child's Trumpophobia presents an opportunity to explain political correctness, negative campaigning, propaganda and logical fallacies. Do not  pass up this teachable moment!!


    Reasoned opposition to Islamic conquest1 by stealth & terrorism is neither racist nor Islamophobic; it is common sense. Trump is an ignorant fool who thinks he has "Muslim friends" who are "wonderful people".  He does not realize that several Quranic ayat expressly forbid equal and inferior relationships with Kuffar.


     Reasoned opposition to unlimited illegal immigration is not racism. Trump railed against failure to deport illegal aliens who engaged in drunk driving, rape and murder. Securing the border is common sense, not racism.

    Trump reminded Black Americans about the false promises that have kept them enslaved to the 'crat party since '64 and invited them to vote for him for a change. That ain't racism. Would Dr. Ben Carson campaign for a racist?


    'Crats are the party of Balkanization: they pander to economic class and ethnic groups with gay abandon, telling opposite stories to Wall Street and Main Street, as exposed by Wikileaks.  Hillary pandered to Muslims and illegal aliens, Trump appealed to Americans.


These are the ayat & ahadith most relevant to the issues of Islamic conquest, terrorism & genocide. Read'em and curse Islam if you love life, liberty and peace. 3:151, 8:12,39,57,60,65,67, 9:5,29,38, 39,111,120,123, 33:26,27, 47:4,49:15, 59:2,13, 61:10-13; Sahih Bukhari 1.7.331 & 4.52.220

Monday, October 31, 2016

Brigitte Gabriel's Urgent Election Message!

Brigitte Gabriel's Urgent Election Message Must Go Viral! Brigitte Gabriel tells it as it is. This vital message must be heard by the undecided voters within the week. Share it with everyone, even Clintonoids.   The four most recent major terror attacks in America were perpetrated by Islamic sons of immigrants.  We have enough of them already, we do not need more.

The refugee program must be shut down and reversed!  Clinton would expand it.  #NeverHillary #MAGA #Trump

    For the benefit of those who do not know the fatal facts of Islam: Its mission is mercenary, its method is Jihad and terrorism is an intrinsic sacrament of Islam.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Condemn Islamic Terrorism In The Strongest Possible Terms

Condemn Strongest The AssWholes always "condemn in the strongest possible terms" whether they are condemning Islamic terrorism or those of us who call out its fountainhead.  But I never hear them use those terms. I am not certain they know those "strongest possible terms". In order to help them out, I gave them an example in a comment on a post at Bare Naked Islam.  I now utter and publish an enhanced version of that comment.

strongest possible terms

    Supplication to deity for the death/damnation/destruction of the person or thing being condemned.

I condemn:

    The evil institution which perpetuates & propagates war, genocide & terrorism  and its adherents. It is the ultimate evil because it masquerades as a religion, claiming to serve deity by raising Hell.


As a lover of truth, justice, liberty and peace, I condemn in the strongest possible terms the purveyors of hatred, racism, conquest, genocide & terrorism! Come now, Jehovah to judge and condemn Islam and the slaves of Satan: damn them to Hell and cast them into the fire with their accursed demon who is called Allah !!!


Does Islam bring hatred?? Death & Damnation! Click this link and read the most disgusting tafsir & hadith you can imagine http://islamexposed.blogspot.com/2016/03/al-wala-wal-bara-fountainhead-of.html
Allah hates us, and ‘cuz he does, Muslims must and do hate us.
Crack open a Qur’an and read: 5.14, 5.64, 35.39 & 60.4


Does Islam bring racism?? Death & Damnation! Open the third volume of “Mishkat Ul-Misabih” and read pages 117- 118. Allah created the Black race to burn: “for the fire”. Open “Muquaddimah” and see also pg 124 . You will find  passages in which Ibn Khaldun declares certain Black African tribes to be suitable for slavery and nothing else.
Read also Sahih Bukhari 1.11.664.


Does Islam bring conquest? Read Surah Al-Anfal & Surah At-Taubah and try to deny it! How did Islam build an empire stretching from the border of France to the border of China?? [Click the heading above for more detailed evidence.]


Does Islam bring genocide? Open yer Qur’an to Surah Al-Anfal and read 8.67 “made a great slaughter”! Then turn to Surah Muhammad 47.4 “killed and wounded many of them”! See also 33.26  & Sahih Bukhari 4.52.280.


Does Islam bring terrorism? Open yer Qur’an and read 3:151, 8:12,39,57,60,65,67, 9:5,29,38, 39,111,120,123, 33:26,27, 47:4,49:15, 59:2,13, 61:10-13; Sahih Bukhari 1.7.331 & 4.52.220.  Allah will and did "cast terror", Muslims must 'strike terror" & terrify and Moe was "more of a terror in the hearts of the Jews" &  "made victorious with terror".[Click the heading above for more detailed evidence.]

    I condemn & curse Islam on the basis of factual knowledge of its tenets: this is not bigotry. Islam tortures, kills and enslaves members of all races, for this I curse and condemn it; this is not racism. Islam is perpetual war, for this I curse and condemn it; this is not prejudice nor is it bigotry; it is common sense.

    Islam declares in its Shari’ah, that I must be killed or enslaved for not being a Muslim, for this I condemn and curse it. Look it up, it is found in the second volume of Hedaya: pages 212…216.

    Go to Hell, CAIR! Go directly to Hell, do not pass the White House and do not collect Jizya.

    If you are a Cleric, administrator or jurist, a legislator or a candidate for high office who, knowing the fatal facts of Islam outlined above, refuse to expose, condemn & curse it, then Go to Hell, traitor to the human race!!!! May Satan seize such by their throats and drop with them into Hell!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Clintonoids = Islamophiles Interested in Islam's Image, Not It's Victims!!!

Clintonoids = Islamophiles Interested in Islam's Image, Not It's Victims!!! Clintonoids = Islamophiles Interested in Islam's Image, Not It's Victims!!!

    This email exchange tells us what we need to know about Hillary Clinton and her Clintonoids. They do not give a damn about the little people, the "unaware and compliant citizens" slaughtered by a Muslim.  Their first priority is preserving the false image of Islam #Religion_Of_Peace.

    The following quote is how Clintonoid John Podesta reacted when informed of the identity of the accursed Muslims who murdered 14 citizens:

Better if a guy named Sayeed Farouk was reporting that a guy named Christopher Hayes was the shooter.
Source: https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/11500

MIME-Version: 1.0 Received: by with HTTP; Wed, 2 Dec 2015 19:05:08 -0800 (PST) In-Reply-To: <9135717342260400481@unknownmsgid> References: <-7744019266559965795@unknownmsgid> <9135717342260400481@unknownmsgid> Date: Wed, 2 Dec 2015 22:05:08 -0500 Delivered-To: john.podesta@gmail.com Message-ID: Subject: Re: Tweet | NBC reports a shooter's name From: John Podesta To: Karen Finney Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary=001a113fa57a8a6c4b0525f5a8fd --001a113fa57a8a6c4b0525f5a8fd Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8 Better if a guy named Sayeed Farouk was reporting that a guy named Christopher Hayes was the shooter. On Wednesday, December 2, 2015, Karen Finney wrote: > Damn > > Sent from my iPhone > > Begin forwarded message: > > *From:* Matt Ortega > > *Date:* December 2, 2015 at 9:17:26 PM EST > *To:* clips@hillaryclinton.com > > *Subject:* *Tweet | NBC reports a shooter's name* > > *Christopher Hayes (@chrislhayes > )* > 12/2/15, 9:16 PM > > NBC News now reporting a US citizen named Sayeed Farouk believed to be one > of the people involved in the shooting. > > Download the Twitter > app > > > Sent from my iPhone > > --001a113fa57a8a6c4b0525f5a8fd Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8 Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable Better if a guy named=C2=A0Sayeed Farouk was reporting that a guy named Chr= istopher Hayes was the shooter.=C2=A0

On Wednesday, December 2, 2015= , Karen Finney <kfinney@hi= llaryclinton.com> wrote:

Sent from my iPhone

Begin forwarde= d message:

From: Matt Or= tega <mortega@hillaryclinton.com>Date: December 2, 2015 at 9:17:26 PM EST
To: clips@hillaryclinton.com
Subject: Tweet |= NBC reports a shooter's name

Christopher Hayes (@chrislhayes)
NBC News now= reporting a US citizen named Sayeed Farouk believed to be one of the peopl= e involved in the shooting.

Dow= nload the Twitter app

Sent from my iPhone

    How in Hell can anyone vote for Hillary Clinton or any Democrat  knowing this???  Vote Nov. 8 as if your liberty, security and prosperity depend on it 'cuz they do.  We need a giant tube of Preparation H.

Clintonoids Conspire To Produce Unaware & Compliant Citizens!

Clintonoids Comspire To Produce Unaware & Compliant Citizens! Unaware & Compliant Citizens
Immediate source: http://conservativetribune.com/email-compliant-citizenry-plan/
Original source: https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/3599

    Democrats have been keeping you in the dark and dumping shit on you. Why would you ever consider voting for one of them???  Bill Ivey wrote to John Podesta:

...we've all been quite content...[to] conspire to produce an unaware and compliant citizenry."

Clintonoids view us as mushrooms or sheep to be led to the slaughter: "unaware and compliant".  I am aware and I will not comply! How about you???  Will you vote a straight Republican ticket or will you remain unaware & compliant???

Here is the excerpt:

Here is the context:


Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Debait: Clinton vs Trump: Calling Out the Worst Lies

Second Presidential Debait Bones To Pick I call it a Debait 'cuz it was a parallel press conference, not a forensic debate. It was really a Trump baiting session, but Trump stood up and fought back in excellent form for the most part. I have bones to pick  with both sides.

    In the interest of time I selected a few important issues to dispute, highlighted them in the transcript and will pick them out of sequence with just enough context to convey the full meaning of the quotes. Superscripts in the quotes are linked to my commentary which follows.

And he never apologized for the racist1 lie that President Obama was not born in the United States of America.2 He owes the president an apology and he owes our country an apology and he needs to take responsibility for his actions and his words.

Raddatz: We go to Gorbah Hameed for a question for both candidates.

Hamed: Hi. There are 3.3 million Muslims in the United States and I'm one of them. You’ve mentioned working with Muslim nations. But with Islamophobia3 on the rise, how will you help people like me deal with the consequences4 of being labelled as a threat to the country after the election is over?

Raddatz: Mr. Trump, you’re first.

Trump: You are right about Islamophobia and that's a shame.5 But one thing we have to do is, we have to make sure that, because there is a problem. I mean, whether we like it or not and we can be politically correct6, but whether we like it or not, there is a problem. And we have to be sure that Muslims come in and report when they see something7 going on. When they see hatred8 going on, they have to report it9. As the example in San Bernardino. Many people saw the bombs all over the apartment of the two people that killed 14 and wounded many, many people. Horribly wounded, they will never be the same. Muslims have to report the problems when they see them. And, you know, there is always a reason for everything. If they don't do that, it's a very difficult situation for our country. Because you look at Orlando and you look at San Bernardino and you look at the World Trade Center. Go outside and you look at Paris, look at that horrible thing. These are radical10 Islamic terrorists and she won't even mention the word and nor will President Obama. He won't use the term radical Islamic terrorist, no. To solve a problem you have to be able to state what the problem is or at least, say the name. She won't say the name and President Obama won't say the name. But the name is there. It's radical Islamic terror11. And before you solve it, you have to say the name.

Raddatz: Secretary Clinton.

Clinton: Thank you for asking your question and I’ve heard this question from a lot of Muslim Americans across our country. Because unfortunately there has been a lot of very divise, dark things said about Muslims12. And even someone like Captain Khan, the young man who sacrificed himself defending our country in the United States Army has been subject to attack by Donald13. I want to say just a couple of things. First: We’ve had Muslims in America since George Washington. And we’ve had many successful Muslims. We just lost a particularly well-known one with Muhammad Ali. My vision of America is an America where everyone has a place, if you are willing to work hard, do your part and you contribute to the community. That's what America is. That's what we want America to be for our children and our grandchildren. It's also very short-sighted and even dangerous to be engaging in the kind of demagogic rhetoric that Donald has about Muslims14. We need American Muslims to be part of our eyes and ears on our front lawns15. I’ve worked with a lot of Muslim groups around America. I’ve met with a lot of them and I’ve heard how important it is for them to feel that they are wanted and included and part of our country. Part of our homeland security. And that's what I want to see. It's also important, I intend to defeat ISIS16,to do so in a coalition with majority Muslim nations. Right now, a lot of those nations are hearing what Donald says and wondering why should we cooperate17 with the Americans and this is a gift to ISIS and the terrorists. Violent jihadist terrorists. We are not at war with Islam18 and it is a mistake, and it plays into the hands of the terrorists, to act as though we are. So I want a country where citizens like you and your family are just as welcome as anyone else.

Raddatz: Thank you, secretary Clinton. Mr. Trump, in December you said this: ‘Donald J. Trump is calling if are a total and complete shut down of Muslims entering the United States until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. We have no choice. We have no choice.’ Your running mate said the Muslim ban is no longer your position. Is that correct and if it is, was it a mistake to have a religious test19?

Trump: First of all, Captain Khan is an American hero and if I were president at that time he would be alive today because, unlike her who voted for the war without knowing what she was doing, I would not have had our people in Iraq. Iraq was a disaster. So he would have been alive today. The Muslim ban is something that in some form has morphed into an extreme vetting from certain areas of the world. Hillary Clinton wants to allow --

Raddatz: Why did it morph into that. No answer the question. Would you please explain whether or not the Muslim ban still stands?

Trump: It is called extreme vetting. We are going to areas like Syria where they are coming in by the tens of thousands because of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton wants wants to allow a 550% increase over Obama. People are coming into our country like we have no idea who they are, where they are from, what their feelings about our country is and she wants 550% more. This is going to be the great Trojan horse of all time. We have enough problems in this country. I believe in building safe zone20, I believe in having other people pay for them, as an example the [Arabian] Gulf states who are not carrying their weight but they have nothing but money and take care of people. But I don't want to have, with all the problems this country has and all of the problems you see going on, hundreds of thousands of people come in from Syria where we know nothing about them. We know nothing about their values and we know nothing about their love for our country21.

Raddatz: Secretary Clinton, let me ask you about that. You have asked for an increase from 10 to 65,000 Syrian refugees. We know you want tougher vetting. That's not a perfect system. So why take the risk of having those refugees come into the country?

Clinton: First of all, I will not let anyone into our country that I think poses a risk to us22. But there are a lot of refugees, women and children, think of that picture we all saw of that 4-year-old boy with the blood on his forehead because he’d been bombed by the Russian and Syrian air forces. There are children suffering in this catastrophic war, largely, I believe because of Russian aggression23. And we need to do our part. We, by no means, are carrying anywhere near the load that Europe and others are. But we will have vetting that is as tough as it needs to be from our professionals, our intelligence experts and others. But it is important for us as a policy not to say, as Donald has said, we’re going to ban people based on a religion. How do you that24? We are a country founded on religious freedom and liberty. How do we do what he has advocated without causing great distress within our own country25? Are we going to have religious tests when people fly into our country and how do we expect to be able to implement those?26 So I thought that what he said was extremely unwise and even dangerous and indeed you can look at the propaganda on a lot of the terrorist sites and what Donald Trump says about Muslims is used to recruit fighters. Because they want to create a war between us. And the final thing I say, this is the 10th or 12th time he denied being for the war in Iraq. We have it on tape, the entire press corps has looked at it, it’s been debunked but it never stops him from saying whatever he wants to say. Go to Hillaryclinton.com.

Raddatz: Thank you Mr. Trump. I want to move on. This next question comes from the public through the bipartisan open debate coalition’s online forum where Americans submitted questions that generated millions of votes. This question involves WikiLeaks’ release of purported excerpts of Secretary Clinton’s paid speeches speeches, which she has refused to release. In one line in particular, in which you Secretary Clinton purportedly say, ‘You need both a public and private position on certain issues.’ So, two from Virginia asks: ‘is it okay for politicians to be two-faced? Is it acceptable for a politician to have have a private stance on issues?’ Secretary Clinton? Two minutes.

Clinton: Right. As I recall, that was something I said about Abraham Lincoln27 after having seen the wonderful Steven Spielberg movie called Lincoln. It was a master class watching president Lincoln get the congress to approve the 13th amendment. It was principled and it was strategic and I was making the point that it is hard, sometimes, to get the congress to do what you want to do. And you have to keep working at it and yes, president Lincoln was trying to convince some people, he used some arguments, convincing other people, he used other arguments. That was a great, I thought, a great display of presidential leadership. But, you know, let's talk about what's really going on here, Martha because our intelligence community just came out and said in the last few days that the Kremlin, meaning Putin and the Russian government, are directing the attacks, the hacking on American accounts to influence our election. And WikiLeaks is part of that as are other sites where the Russians hack information, we don't even know if it's accurate information and then they put it out. We have never in the history of our country been in a situation where an adversary, a foreign power, is working so hard to influence the outcome of the election28, and believe, they’re not doing it to get me elected. They are doing it to try to influence the election for Donald Trump. Now, maybe because he praised Putin, maybe because he says he agrees with a lot of what Putin wants to do, maybe because he wants to do business in Moscow. I don’t know the reasons, but we deserve answers, and should demand that Donald release all of his tax returns so that people can see what are the entanglements and the financial relationships--

Raddatz: We’re going to move on to Syria. Both of you have mentioned that.

Trump: But she said a lot of things that were false. I think we should --29

Raddatz: Mr. Trump, we will go on. Mr. Trump, we are going to move on. The heart breaking video of a 5-year-old Syrian boy named Omran sitting in an ambulance after being pulled from the rubble after an airstrike in Aleppo focused the world's attention on the horrors of the war in Syria, with 136 million views on Facebook alone. But there are much worse images coming out of Aleppo every day now where in the past few weeks alone 400 have been killed, at least 100 of them children. Just days ago, the State Department called for a war crimes investigation of the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad and of its ally, Russia, for their bombardment of Aleppo. So this next question comes from social media, through Facebook. Diane from Pennsylvania asks If you were president, what would you do about Syria and the humanitarian crisis in Aleppo? Isn’t is a lot like wasn't it like the Holocaust when the U.S. waited too long before we helped? Secretary Clinton, we will begin with your two minutes.30

Clinton: The situation in Syria is catastrophic and everyday that goes by, we see the results of the regime, by Assad in partnership with the Iranians on the ground and the Russians in the air, bombarding places in particular aleppo, where there are hundreds of thousands of people, probably about 250,000 people still left. And there is a determined effort by the Russian Air Force to destroy Aleppo in order to eliminate the last of the Syrian rebels who are really holding out against the Assad regime. Russia hasn't paid any attention to ISIS. They are interested in keeping Assad in power.31 So I, when I was secretary of state advocated, and I advocate today a no-fly32 and safe zones33. We need some leverage with the Russians because they are not going to come to the negotiating table for a diplomatic resolution unless there is leverage over them. And we have to work more closely with our partners and allies on the ground. But I want to emphasize that what is at stake here is the ambitions and aggressiveness of Russia. Russia has decided it is all in in Syria, and they’ve also decided who they want to see become President of the United States too and it's not me. I stood up to Russia; I’ve taken on Putin and others and I would do that as president. I think wherever we can cooperate with Russia, that's fine and I did, as Secretary of State, that's how we got a treaty reducing nuclear weapons, it’s how we got the sanctions on Iran that put a lid on the nuclear weapons program without firing a single shot. So I would go with more leverage than we have now. But I support the efforts to investigate for crimes, war crimes, committed by the Syrians and the Russians and try to hold them accountable.

Raddatz: Thank you Secretary Clinton. Mr. Trump.

Trump: First of all, she was there as Secretary of State with the so-called line in the sand.

Clinton: No I wasn't, I was gone. I hate to interrupt you. At some point we need to get the facts out.

Trump: You were still in contact with the White House. And perhaps sadly, Obama probably still listened to you. I don't think he would listen to you very much anymore. Obama draws the line in the sand. It was laughed at all over the world what happened. Now, with that being said, she talks tough against Russia, but our nuclear program has fallen way behind and they have gone wild with their nuclear program. Not good. Our government shouldn’t have allowed that to happen. Russia is new in terms of nuclear and we are old and tired and exhausted in terms of nuclear. A very bad thing.

Now, she talks tough. She talks really tough against Putin and against Assad. She talks in favor of the rebels. She doesn't even know who the rebels are34. You know, every time we take rebels whether it's in Iraq or anywhere else, we’re arming people. And you know what happens? They end up being worse than the people. Look at what she did in Libya with Qaddafi. Qaddafi is out. It's a mess. And by the way, ISIS has a good chunk of their oil. I'm sure you’ve probably have heard that. It was a disaster. The fact is almost everything she has done has been a mistake and it’s been a disaster. But if you look at Russia, just take a look at Russia and look at what they did this week, and I agree she wasn't there, but possibly she’s consulted.
We sign a peace treaty and everyone’s all excited, but what Russia did with Assad and by the way with Iran who you made very powerful with the dumbest deal perhaps I have seen in the history of making, with the $150 billion and with the $1.7 billion in cash, which is enough cash to fill up this room, but look at that deal. Iran and Russia are against us. So she wants to fight. She wants to fight for rebels. There’s one problem. You don’t even know who the rebels are. So what’s the purpose?35

Raddatz: Mr. Trump, your two minutes is up.

Trump: I don't like Assad at all, but Assad is killing ISIS. Russia is killing ISIS and Iran is killing ISIS and they have lined up because of weak foreign policy.

Raddatz: Mr. Trump, let me repeat the question. If you were president, what would you do about Syria36 and the humanitarian crisis in Aleppo, and I want to remind you what your running mate said. He said provocations by Russia need to be met with American strength and that if Russia continues to be involved in airstrikes along with the Syrian government forces of Assad, the United States of America should be prepared to use military force to strike the military targets of the Assad regime.

Trump: Okay. He and I haven't spoken, and I disagree.

Raddatz: You disagree with your running mate?

Trump: I disagree. Right now, Syria is fighting ISIS. We have people that want to fight both at the same time. But Syria is no longer Syria. Syria is Russia and it’s Iran who she made strong and Kerry and Obama made into a powerful nation and a rich nation, very quickly, very, very quickly. I believe we have to get ISIS. We have to worry about ISIS before we can get too much more involved. She had a chance to do something with Syria, they had a chance, and that was the line.

Raddatz: What are do you think will happen if Aleppo falls?

Trump: Aleppo is a disaster, humanitarian wise.

Raddatz: What will happen if it falls?

Trump: I think that it basically has fallen, okay? It basically has fallen. Let me tell you something: you take a look at Mosul. The biggest problem I have with the stupidity of our foreign policy. We have Mosul, they think a lot of the ISIS leaders are in Mosul. So we have announcements out of Washington and coming out Iraq. We will be attacking Mosul in three weeks or four weeks. So all of these bad leaders from ISIS are leaving Mosul. Why can't they do it quietly? We can’t they do the attack and make it a sneak attack and after the attack is made inform the American public that we have knocked out the leaders; we’ve have a tremendous success. People leave. Why do they have to say we are going to be attacking Mosul within the next four to six weeks, which is what they’re saying. How stupid is our country?37

Raddatz: There are sometimes reasons the military does that. Psychological warfare.

Trump: I can't think of any.

Raddatz: It might be to get civilians out.

Trump: I can't think of any. I have 200 generals and admirals who endorsed me. I have 21 congressional Medal of Honor recipients who endorse me. We talk about it all the time. They understand. Why can't they do something secretively where they go in and knock out the leadership. Why would these people stay there? I’ve been reading there for weeks about Mosul...
Raddatz: Tell me what your strategy is it.

Trump: That it’s the harbor between Raqqa and Mosul, this is why where they think the ISIS leaders are. Why would they be staying...they are not staying there anymore. They are gone. Because everybody is talking about how Iraq which is us with our leadership goes into fight Mosul. With the 200 admirals and generals, they can't believe it. General George Patton and General Douglas MacArthur are spinning in their grave at the stupidity of what we are doing in the Middle East.

Raddatz: I’m going to go to Secretary Clinton, you want Assad to go, you advocated arming rebels, but it looks like that may be too late for Aleppo. You talk about diplomatic efforts, those that failed, ceasefires have failed. Would you introduce the threat of U.S. military force beyond a no-fly zone against the Assad regime to back up diplomacy?

Clinton: I would not use American ground forces in Syria. I think that would be a very serious mistake. I don't think American troops should be holding territory38 which is what they would have to do as an occupying force. I don't think that is a smart strategy. I do think the use of special forces, which we’re using, the use of enablers and trainers in Iraq, which has had positive effects, are very much in our interests. So I do support what is happening.

Raddatz: What would you do different than than President Obama is doing?

Trump: Everything.

Clinton: Martha, I hope that by the time I am president that we will have pushed ISIS out of Iraq. I do think that there is a good chance that we can take Mosul. And you know, Donald said he knows more about ISIS than the generals. No, he doesn't. There are a lot of very important planning going on and some of it is to signal to the Sunnis in the are,a as well as Kurdish Peshmerga fighters that we all need to be in this. And that takes a lot of planning and preparation. I would go after Baghdadi . I would specifically target Baghdadi. Because I think our targeting of Al Qaeda leaders, and I was involved in a lot of those operations, highly classified ones, made a difference. I think that could help. I would consider arming the Kurds. The kurds have been our best partners in Syria, as well as Iraq. And I know there’s a lot of concern about that in some circles, but they should have the equipment they need so that Kurdish and Arab fighters on the ground are the principal way we take Raqqa after pushing ISIS out of Iraq.

Trump: You know that’s funny. She went over a minute over and you don't stop her. When I go one second over --

Raddatz: You had many answers.

Trump: It's very interesting


    Barack Hussein Obama may be a Mulatto, but his race is irrelevant.  Criticizing and questioning his eligibility and his policies are personal, not racial.   Shouting "racist" is a favorite LibTurd tactic for shutting down debate; it must be rejected.
No apology is due from Trump, as he explained, any apology is due from Clinton, whose campaign created the "birther" movement.

Not Born In America?

    According to his publisher, he was born in Kenya.  Snopes has published the image of the blurb so that you can see it and evaluate it for yourself. Where did that birth place claim originate if not with Obama?  If it is untrue, why would he allow it to be published?  The image that follows was clipped from this pdf file on the White House Web site.  It is presented as the President's "long form" "Certificate of Live birth". If it is authentic, why does it not include the embossed seal of the Health Department which is found on genuine birth certificates issued by Hawaii?  I resampled this 100% and sharpened it with Irfanview. I experimented with color corrections, but the embossed seal simply is not present.

This is the purported short form first released by the White House. Note that there is no embossed seal on it. This image has been resampled and sharpened.


    Phobia denotes an irrational fear. After the attacks in Paris, Brussels, San Bernardino, Orlando, New York and New Jersey, fear of Islam and Muslims is common sense, not irrational but well founded."Islamophobia" is one of the buzzwords lused by disciples of Saul Alinsky to shut down debate.


    Islamic identification should bear consequences: distrust, aversion, expulsion and exclusion. Without exception, all of the perpetrators of Islamic terror attacks are Muslims. Can you get a clue? "I will cast terror", "Allah cast terror", "to strike terror", "to terrify thereby", "You are more of a terror" and "I have been made victorious with terror": what the Hell part of that do you not comprehend?   And Allah awards Brownie Points for steps taken to injure or enrage us.

    Every Muslim is obligated to engage in terrorism. The believers will eventually do it. Get your head out of the sand and demand that the government impose consequences on potential Muslim terrorists.   No Muslims: no terrorism.

right about Islamophobia

    With all due disrespect to Mr. Trump, that is a prime example of disgusting Islamopandering, unworthy of a candidate for President.  The questioner was wrong in propounding the question and Trump was wrong to take the bait.

we can be politically correct

    And you are in that answer! Abandonment of PC is long overdue!

Muslims report

    Only an ignorant fool, which Trump is, expects Muslims to fink on terrorists! Finking on a brother constitutes apostasy, which bears the death penalty. Debi Brand did the research and explained the details here: read it and get a clue.


    Allah hates sinners. Muslims are obligated to hate what Allah hates. Its Wala wal Bara: 'Love and hate for the Sake of Allah". Read the disgusting details here and curse Islam.


    Radical means to the root. The root of Islamic terrorism is the Qur'an. Click through and get a clue:
3:151, 8:12,39,57,60,65,67, 9:5,29,38, 39,111,120,123, 33:26,27, 47:4,49:15, 59:2,13, 61:10-13; Sahih Bukhari 1.7.331 & 4.52.220

    There is no radical or extreme Islam. There is no moderate or anodyne Islam. It's Islam, Stupid!!! Abandon PC: quit prefixing adjectives to Islam & Muslims.

It's Islam, Stupid!

    It is not radical. It is not extreme. It is not a product of distortion, perversion or hijacking: the deity of Islam commands it. The Profit of Islam exemplified it. Get the your head out of your arse and read the damnable details!!! Get a clue!

said about Muslims

    Trump said "we have a Muslim problem", "they hate us" and called for a ban on admission of Muslims. He called for surveillance of Muslim neighborhoods and mosques.  Dr. Carson said that we should not elect a Muslim President.  Those statements are common sense: light, not darkness and dividing the predators from their prey is common sense.

Muslim problem

   In the last year, 63 people were killed by Muslims in mass murder attacks and 96 were injured.  No problem, Hillary?

they hate us

    'Cuz we ain't Muslims. We "went astray"; we are "the worst of living creatures". Allah, the Angels and men curse us; which men would that be? Muslims?!

Ban Mualims

    If Muslims were banned in a timely manner, Bobby Kennedy might have died of natural causes, The 14 killed at Fort Hood, the three killed at the Boston Marathon, the 4 killed at Chattanooga, the  14 killed at San Bernardino and the 49 killed at Orlando would still be alive. Get a God Blessed clue for Chrissake!!!


    Who commits Islamic terror attacks? Where do they live and plot their schemes???  Obamination shut down an investigation that could have prevented the San Bernardino Massacre. Who can get a clue? Certainly not the Bloody Witch of Benghazi!

Muslim President

    You elected a Muslim President in 2008 & 2012. You damned fools!!! Look what he has done. The Mid East is in flames. Europe is invaded by Muslim conquerers and gimmigrants. Terrorism is rampant. He lies about the identity and character of the enemy. He condemns critics of Islam. He mocks Christianity. He can recite the Adhan in perfectly accented Arabic.  Kiss my arse!

    Islam is incompatible with representative self government: only Allah has the right to be worshiped. So much for freedom of religion! Only

    Only Allah and his Messenger have the rule to decide and govern; its Allah's law, not man made law arrived at by debate and consensus.

    Only Muslims are permitted to have authority. Infidels are not permitted to have authority even over other infidels. You can not even testify in an Islamic court!

    I disrespectfully direct deniers, doubters & dissenters to the relevant provisions of "The Reliance Of The Traveller".  It has been scrubbed from the web so I can't link to it so I will quote it.[Emphasis added for clarity.]


Legal testimony is only acceptable from a witness who:

(a) is free;

(b) is fully legally responsible (mukallaf, def: c8.1) (O: as testimony is not accepted from a child or insane person, even when the child's testimony regards injuries among children that occurred at play);

(c) is able to speak;

(d) it mentally awake;

(e) is religious (O: meaning upright (o24.4) (A: and Muslim), for Allah Most High says,

"Let those of rectitude among you testify" (Koran 65:2),

and unbelief is the vilest form of corruption, as goes without saying);


The necessary conditions for a person to have custody of a child are:

(a) uprightness (def: o24.4) (O: a corrupt person may not be a guardian, because child care is a position of authority, and the corrupt are unqualified for it. Mawardi and Ruyani hold that outward uprightness (def: m3.3(f) ) is sufficient unless there is open wrongdoing. If the corruptness of a child's mother consists of her not performing the prayer (salat), she has no right to custody of the child, who might grow up to be like her, ending up in the same vile condition of not praying, for keeping another's company has its effects);

(b) sanity (O: since a mother uninterruptedly insane has no right to custody, though if her insanity is slight, such as a single day per year, her right to custody is not vitiated by it);

(c) and if the child is Muslim, it is a necessary condition that the person with custody be a Muslim

(O: because it is a position of authority, and a non-Muslim has no right to authority and hence no right to raise a Muslim. If a non-Muslim were given charge of the custody and upbringing of the child, the child might acquire the character traits of unbelief (kufr) ).

O25.3: The Qualifications of a Caliph

 (Nawawi:) among the qualifications of the caliph are that he be:

(a) Muslim (H: so that he may see to the best interests of Islam and the Muslims (K: it being invalid to appoint a non-Muslims (K: it being invalid to appoint a non-Muslim (kafir) to authority, even to rule non-Muslim.)

Captain Khan attacked?

    If her lips are moving, the Bloody Witch of Benghazi is lying! Trump did not attack Captain Khan, he called Khan a hero. He gave a sharp reply to Khan's father, who used the Bronze Star and Purple Heart as shields to hide behind while calumniating Trump.  Trump should have called her out!

defeat ISIS

    Islamic State, Boko Haram, Hamas, Hizbollah and the rest of the bloody alphabet soup are not the enemy to be defeated. Muslims are the enemy. Islam is the damnable doctrine that makes them inimical. Allah commands Muslims: all adult male Muslims of sound mind and body who are not indebted  or enslaved to wage Jihad.  When a sufficient number have reported to the battle, the rest are excused. But when we retaliate, the whole Ummah is obligated, not just able bodied adult males.

We need to defeat Muslims and that requires destroying their faith! [Page 60.] War against Muslims must be waged on the kinetic and ideological planes.

Muslim Cooperation

    Camel Excrement!!! Muslims are our enemies, neither allies nor partners! Allah explicitly forbids equal and inferior relationships with Infidels; Muslims must be superior!!! This is a get yer head out of yer arse moment!!!

war with Muslims

    Muslims are the enemy. Islam is the set of doctrines that makes them inimical. Muslims have a choice; go to war now and Allah's celestial orgy after they die or go to Hell when they die. The alternatives are described in  Surah An-Naba'.  When a Muslim meets Allah, his sins will be weighed against his righteous good deeds.  The swing of the balance determines his destiny. Only participation in Jihad guarantees forgiveness! Jihad is the Muslim's get out of Hell Free Card!

    Muslims are waging war against them and we need to retaliate. We need to wipe them off the face of the earth and we need to get their fifth column out of Dar al-Harb.

religious test

    The Constitution forbids religious tests for holding federal office. It does not forbid consideration of religion in selecting immigrants.

    There is nothing illegal, immoral or unconstitutional about excluding persons who adhere to a violent or subversive belief system. The creed of Islam is called Aquida,[Tirmidhi] it lists what Muslims must believe to be in good standing with Allah.

Click each of those pages to enlarge them, read them and get a clue: Islam is violent!!! Muslims are at war against us and there is no place for them here!!!
Maududi: Jihad In Islam, Page 10-11

  Islam  wishes  to  destroy  all  states  and  governments anywhere  on  the  face  of  the  earth  which  are  opposed  to
the  ideology  and programme  of  Islam  regardless  of  the  country  or  the  Nation  which  rules  it.  The
purpose  of  Islam  is  to  set  up  a  state  on  the  basis  of  its  own  ideology  and programme, regardless of which nation assumes the role of the standard-bearer of Islam   or   the   rule   of   which   nation   is   undermined   in   the   process   of   the establishment of an ideological Islamic State.t Islam requires the earth—not just a portion, but the whole planet—not because the  sovereignty over the earth should be wrested from one nation or several nations and vested in one particu lar  nation,  but  because  the  entire  mankind  should  benefit  from  the  ideology  and welfare  programme  or  what  would  be  truer  to  say  from  ‘Islam’  which  is  the programme  of  well-being  for  all  humanity.  Towards  this  end,   Islam  wishes  to press  into  service  all  forces  which  can  bring  about  a  revolution  and  a  composite term for the use of all these forces is ‘Jihad’. To change the outlook of the people and  initiate a  mental revolution among them through speech or writing  is a  form of ‘Jihad’. To alter the old tyrannical social system and establish a new just order of  life  by  the  power  of  sword  is  also  ‘Jihad’  and  to  expend  goods  and  exert physically for this cause is ‘Jihad’ too.

Ibn Khaldun: Muquaddiman pg. 308
In the Muslim community, the holy war is a religious duty, because of the
universalism of the (Muslim) mission and (the obligation to) convert everybody to
Islam either by persuasion or by force. Therefore, caliphate and royal authority are
united in (Islam), so that the person in charge can devote the available strength to
both of them 408 at the same time.

safe zones

    Where there are Muslims, there is no safety. Europe is not safe in the presence of gimmigrants  & rapefugees, neither is America. No mater where you send those displaced Muslims, some of them will attack, rob, rape and murder others.  You can not stop others from  launching artillery & rocket attacks on so called safe zones.

    The Arab states do not want those 'refugees' 'cuz they know that those 'refugees' are mainly rebels & rebel sympathizers who would soon undermine their own regimes.

Refugee Values

    If they are Muslims, they value admission to Jannah, earned by waging war against us.  If they are not Christians, they are almost certainly rebels or rebel sympathizers who will eventually subvert or revolt against the existing order wherever they go.

poses a risk to us

    Every Muslim is obligated to wage war against us; to punish us for not being Muslims. So long as they believe in Allah, their presence among us carries a real and proximate threat of terrorism.

    With the Islamic State and al-Qaeda inciting Muslims to shoot, stab, run over and poison us, their presence here can not be tolerated. We absolutely must expel them and keep them out. We must not bring any more Muslims!

cause of suffering

    All of the suffering results from the rebellion by Muslims trying to seize the throne.  If they were not attacking the regime, the regime would not be retaliating. Its a power struggle, Stupid! Both sides are evil, we have no dog in this fight, there is no positive outcome and we must get and stay out of it.

Ban Muslims by:

    Amend the immigration act of 1990 to make persons who believe in a deity who requires them to injure, terrorize, enslave, plunder or kill us excludable. Then enforce it.

causing great  distress

    The accursed abomination caused great distress to more than 3000 innocent people. Excluding 20 accursed Muslims including the "magnificent nineteen", would have caused them well deserved distress and saved 3000 innocent lives. If you object to that, go to Hell and be damned!

Religious Tests: Implementation

    Many Muslim countries stamp religious affiliation on identity cards. Make visa applicants state their religion on their visa application. Demand that they show their identity cards. If they claim to be Christian, ask them to recite their creed. Ask them to display a baptismal certificate.

    Test visa applicants by greeting them with "As-Salam-u-Alaikum". If they respond to it, exclude them. Tear a page out of a Koran, toss it on the floor, stomp it and tear it up into the circular file. If the applicant shows signs of offense, exclude him.

Blame Abe Lincoln?

    Thanks to Wikileaks, we have access to the original statement. The words are hers, not lincolns. She recuits Lincoln's portrayal in a movie to support her conclusion.
"You just have to sort of figure out how to -- getting back to that word, "balance" -- how to balance the public and the private efforts that are necessary to be successful, politically, and that's not just a comment about today. That, I think, has probably been true for all of our history, and if you saw the Spielberg movie, Lincoln, and how he was maneuvering and working to get the 13th Amendment passed, and he called one of my favorite predecessors, Secretary Seward, who had been the governor and senator from New York, ran against Lincoln for president, and he told Seward, I need your help to get this done. And Seward called some of his lobbyist friends who knew how to make a deal, and they just kept going at it. I mean, politics is like sausage being made. It is unsavory, and it always has been that way, but we usually end up where we need to be. But if everybody's watching, you know, all of the back room discussions and the deals, you know, then people get a little nervous, to say the least. So, you need both a public and a private position. And finally, I think -- I believe in evidence-based decision making. I want to know what the facts are. I mean, it's like when you guys go into some kind of a deal, you know, are you going to do that development or not, are you going to do that renovation or not, you know, you look at the numbers. You try to figure out what's going to work and what's not going to work." [Clinton Speech For National Multi-Housing Council, 4/24/13]

Foreign Influence

    How about Obamination's attempt to influence Israel's election to oust Netanyahu?   Evidently it's a one way street. How about all the foreign 'leaders' denouncing Trump? Are they trying to get you elected?

Moderator bias

    She denies Trump an opportunity for rebuttal of lies; standard operating procedure. That is a debait, not a debate.

biased straw man

    Raddatz wasted valuable time setting up her straw man premise. No mention of the Christians slaughtered or driven from their homes. No mention of the rape victims enslaved. She is only concerned about Muslim suffering as if it is somehow the responsibility of our President to solve all the world's problems.

    Children are being hurt 'cuz combatants do not separate themselves from the populations they hold captive; they use the civilians as human shields. Dictatorial regimes use draconian force to kill the rebels, causing collateral damage. 

    What did President Reagan do to stop the shelling of Hama that killed 10,000 Ikhwan supporters?  What could he do, kill them himself? He sent the Marines to save Arafat's Bacon, how did that turn out?  Its a shame that LibTards can't learn from history.

keeping Assad in Power

    Russia wants to keep arms payments flowing and maintain a warm water port. Iran wants to establish hegemony and a new caliphate. You want to depose Assad and replace him with violent rebels who will expand the Islamic State and use Syria as a base for attacks on Israel and Jordan. How is your position superior?

no fly zones

    What happens when you shoot down a Russian jet over Aleppo? Do you really want to provoke the bear? Do you really want to draw another red line in the sand only to be forced to abandon it?  Talk is cheap, lives are not.

rebels: Muslims!

    Who does not know who they are? Believing Muslims as described in Qur'an Verses 8.1-5. 9.111 & 49.15. Al-Qaeda & Islamic State affiliates. Our enemies trained and armed by Obamination on her watch. You should be condemning & cursing them and calling for their extinction.

The purpose

    Global conquest. That's what Islam is all about. Obamination! Obama is a damned Muslims!  He and his Secretaries Of State want the enemy to win their war against us 'cuz he is one of them. Clinton & Kerry think the Muslims will do their wet work, then they can take over from the Muslims. Obama knows better: the triumphant Muslims will be invincible.

Do something!

    Quit arming, funding & training the enemy and start bombing them effectively. Wherever their leaders convene, bomb them. Strafe their funeral processions. Strafe their convoys. Moab their training camps and assembly areas. Every time they suffer a loss, mock them: "Where was Allah? Why did he let you suffer a defeat? Where is the victory he promised?".

how stupid is our country?

    Stupid enough to elect and re-elect a damned Muslim who fights to lose. Obamination wants the enemy to win so he ties the hads of our troops with suicidal rules of engagement and telegraphs his strategy to the enemy.

holding territory

    That damned fool did not learn the lesson of Vietnam: seize and hold territory. Once is enough. She ceded several great cities of Iraq to the enemy. Look at the results! Hit and run worked in the War Of Revolution 'cuz we had the territory already. It did not work in Vietnam and it will not work in the Levant 'cuz the enemy has the territory.  She is too stupid to be President.