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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Islamic Brain Washing

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The image was used by a Muslim  as an insult in a Facebook debate thread because the Muslim, being deracinated by paleolithic ideology and impaired by the taratological consequences of consanguinity, was unable to refute verifiable facts and logical arguments.  I added the incendiary cut line and reposted it. 

    I subsequently shared the image with a fellow blogger, who propounded  questions, blogged my reply and linked to this blog without posting the image.  I am posting this now for the benefit of curious readers who follow his link.  It appears that the original photo was a winner in a French photo contest, with the object of contempt being the French flag.  This link is to the article I found with a Google search.

    The normal human brain is located in the skull, not between the buttocks.  But analencephalopaths, lacking brains, substitute anal sphincters, as in the case of this Muslim.  For the sake of brevity, I took some license with the details.  The act pictured is istinja, not istijmar [see Risala for the details].

    JC pointed out a detail which I had overlooked: the Muslim is using his right hand to perform istinja, which is explicitly forbidden in Shari'ah.  The right hand is reserved for dipping into the common food pot.  The act depicted here risks contaminating the food with fecal matter.

    The prescribed material for istinja is three round, smooth stones.  Sticks may be used if the stones are not available. Using the Koran, or any material that had or might have had a character from the Koran printed on it is forbidden.  Using that flag is harram unless it was made from virgin fabric. 

    Muslims hate Jews because Islam was contrived to appeal to the local Jewish settlers in the Hijaz.  Most of them saw through the fraud nd rejected Islam, which outraged Moe.  Muslims hate Israel because Israel is living proof of the fact that Allah is an impotent idol. 

    Allah promised the Muslims that they could defeat armies twice their number, reduced from ten times their number because they could not cut the mustard.  Israel has defeated them every time. 

    Allah promised the Muslims that he would gradually give them the world through conquests with none to "put back his judgment", meaning tht their conquests would be permanent.  Israel, by regaining some of the land stolen by Muslims in the seventh century, proves Allah to be impotent and his promises void.