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Friday, May 21, 2010


Logans Warning posted a video I'd rather not see and hear. I am sharing it with you because you need to see it, you won't want to see it. If you are a genuine American, you will, after watching this dua (prayer) video, join me in execration, raising supplication to the Almighty to turn the curse back on these curseworthy Muslims who pray for our destruction. .

Revolution Muslim is based in N.Y.C. Why in Hell do we allow these vermin to live among us as a fifth column? What mental and moral disease are we succumbing to that causes us to be so suicidal? For Chrissake, be careful when voting and make no mistakes! Do not elect any more Muslims, LibTards or multicultural idiots!!


Eliminate all fire, choke & spill hazards from the operating environment before viewing this execratiom.


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