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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Lorenzo's Letter

What follows is Lorenzo Bouchard's response to the V.N. editorial.

The Right Honorable Prime Minister
Stephen Harper,


Just to inform your office, of the disinformation that our leftist controlled media is using, concerning the Ban Islam petition.

The following is my letter of rebutal to their activity, sent to the Victoria News editor and others.

Mr. Kevin Laird:

I am saddened to see the level of disinformation that your newspaper has been involved in.

The article written by Roszan Holmen titled "Student group tackles "Islamophobia on"Campus", dated Wednesday, February 11, 2008.
The term "Islamophobia" denotes a mental illness", this type of statements is used by manipulators of the left, to discredit individuals who stand on issues against Islam. (Typical 1984 concept.)

More items of disinformation, is that no one knew I was involved in these posters. The fact is that the petition was delivered to your front desk to go to a reporter weeks ago. My name was clearly written on it.
This undermines Ms. Roszan Holmen's detective achievement, which describes that she found this through a search on the internet.

As for no one knowing that I was involved with this activity at U.Vic., this is another false statement, as I have given my writtings and petition, to the Guards, who walk or drive me of the premises, for months.

It is a fact that I don't contact "Closet Communists" for permission, who control the boards notices, before posting these items.

Incidentally, I also love to feed the rabbits, which is also considered a violation at U.Vic..

As you know I was barred from U.Vic years ago by a Left Wing Tribunal,who had the support of a temporary Dean, replacing the previous one who stated my activities were legal.

B.C. Civil Liberty condemned U.Vic on this action.

Of course U.Vic. ignores all such activity if it doesnt conform to Leftist indoctrination.

This is a huge topic for further articles.

Again I do not respect the decisions of Closet Communists.

I stopped resisting my ouster, though at first I waited for the city police to take me out, because most guards are pleasant and doing their job. We have pleasant interesting discussions on their effort.
Since the article has mentioned my being banned, I will remind you that the issue at that time was the demand of "Referenda on Aboriginal Treaties". These are Democratic processes, in essence I'm banned for standing for a Democracy, with Canadian citizens full involvement.

I was previously active for 14 years on developing Initiatives, Referenda and Recall in B.C. and Canada.

I understand that the Closet Communist at CBC have been active with a morning show about the Ban Islam petition easily found on Google with my name attached.

On the third day of their programming I deliverd one of the petitions to the local CBC station, the recipient thought I was from the University and thanked me, because they hadn't seen the petition yet.

I haven't yet heard the comments activated by CBC.

The petition is for presentation to the World Court for Humanitarian rulings against the writings in the Koran , Hadiths, Sunnas, which have a great deal of hate focused on all none believers.

Most editors are hiding under their desks, on printing any comments about Islam. Fear and intimidation through Lawsuits or terrorism, only strengthens my resolve in trying to develope Canadians backbones, to preserve our societies Ethos and hard fought Freedoms, through this issue.

In the past months this petition has been sent to most Federally and B.C. elected Officials in Canada, Senators and Representatives of the U.S.A., Members of Sweden and Australias parliaments, some English members and other European members.

"Politically Correct" activity! I don't cater to this Communist Mind manipulation and control.

The Left doesn't know the meaning of PC when slandering and debasing opposition.

Do you have the internal fortitude to print this?

This will also go to the central office of Black Press in Canada.


Lorenzo Bouchard

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