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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Take Action

What can I do about Islam? You must not make your own private Jihad, assaulting or murdering Muslims. That would be criminal and counterproductive. But there are things you can do!
  • Organize! Join the United American Committee or United Canadian Committee. UAC has an active forum where ideas are being exchanged, and is planning a nationwide demonstration for Feb. 1, '06. UCC is in the early stages of organizing; Canadians can get in on the ground floor. If your nation is not yer organized, you should consider forming an organization!
  • Inform others; spread the word! Most non-Muslims believe what they have been told: that Islam is a 'religion of peace'; the moral & functional equivilent of Christianity and other religions. Nothing could be further from the truth. There is extreme resistance to new information which challenges cherished beliefs, but we must persevere. Always be ready to correct lies, errors and misstatements of fact when you hear or read them.
  • Flyers & pamphlets are available on the web. Print some for distribution to friends and relatives.
  • Participate in forums. The Netscape forums have a wide audience, with some threads receiving thousands of viewings. The News forum is a hot venue, from which I have been banned. The World Issues forum has several lively threads. The Political Debate, Republican, Democrat & Religion forums also heat up.
  • Participate in chatrooms. Paltalk provides a free voice/text chat service where you can interact with people from all over the world. You are sure to find an interesting room in the Human Rights subfolder of the Social Issues section.
  • Online Petitions:
    1. Congress Debate Qur'an: Asks the United States House of Representatives & Senate to hold televised hearings into the Qur'an & Hadith... delegitimatize Islam, withdraw its charter as a religion and reject all demands for giving it special privileged status. The petition uses several hyperlinked Qur'an & Hadith quotes to make its major point: that Islam is, by design, mercenary & martial. Since being linked on the home pages of Islam Watch & Faith Freedom a few days ago, this petition has grown from 148 to 331 signatures. Please sign the petition, then email a link to it to your entire address book. Send that link to your Representative & Senators as well. The media won't touch it because it is not PC, so it needs your help to propagate.
    2. U.N. Petition: Modeled on the Congressional Petition, this one is directed to the Security Council. You're right; they'll never investigate or outlaw Islam, but the petition is a great way to inform people, so sign it and spread it! These two petitions have a website, which also contains several interesting articles. Please send links to it to all your friends
    3. Target: Mecca: This petition is directed to President Bush. It disrespectfully demands the immediate designation of Mecca as our default target for retaliation in the event of any further terrorist attack on our soil. There is no other possible deterrent to terrorism! Please sign this petition immediately and send a link to President Bush!!!
    4. Expose Islam on Film: This petition is directed to Mel Gibson; it asks him to document Islam as defined by the Qur'an & exemplified by the Hadith. It makes use of the same ayats & ahadith as the Congressional petition. Most of the Muslim world is illiterate. There is no other way to reach them with the truth about the cult which enslaves them.

    The above listed petitions are not politically correct. Because of that fact, the MSM will not report about them. Even the web based media won't touch them with a ten foot pole. Spreading the word is up to us. After signing, you will receive a confirmation email containing a link to the petition. Email that link to your entire address book and ask your correspondents to follow suit.
  • Write letters to the editors of your favorite newspers and magazines. Use a few appropriate Qur'an quotes.
  • Call talk shows; mention the online petitions.
  • C.A.I.R. features action items on their website. Those items frequently include contact information for newspapers, magazines and radio stations where anti-Islamic information has been published. C.A.I.R. directs its adherents to contact those publishers and apply pressure. Please contact their victims with words of praise and support.

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