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Friday, January 13, 2006

Arm Yourself With the Truth

Lovers of life & liberty must be opponents of Islam because it is mercenary, martial, supremacist, absolutist, and entirely inimical to that which we value most: life & liberty. Islam will not live & let live. Islam must convert, conquer & subjugate or kill us. It has no alternatives.

Allah commanded Muhammad to "fight with men" until they submit. Two ayats in the Qur'an confirm this commandment: 8:39 & 9:29, which command perpetual war against pagans and Jews & Christians respectively.

The hyperlinks in the preceeding paragraph are to named anchors in Sunan Abu Dawud and the Qur'an hosted by the Muslim Student Association at U.S.C. From those links you can get access to three other Hadith collections and each of the Qur'an's 114 Surahs. Please do not take my word for it. Read Surahs 8, 9, 47 & 48 at a minimum. Read Sahih Bukhari: Book 52 Jihad and Book 53, Khumus in the light of those Surahs.

Together, Muhammad's preaching & practice form a congruent pattern of mutual reinforcement. He sanctified conquest, genocide & terrorism and he practiced them. The Qur'an defines Islam; the Hadith exemplify it. For more detail, please read Silas Majumdar's excellent e-book Jihad: The Doctrine of Permanent War.

As I have given you light, I respectfully request that you share it with others. Please go to
Congress Debate The Koran and sign both the Congressional & U.N. petitions. Then send links to them to everyone in your address book and to your Representative & Senators. Those petitions are the best educational tool available. They use copious qoutes from Islam's canonical books, each hyperlinked to the source.

Windows users in need of a Qur'an or Hadith can find them, in the form of Windows Help files [.chm] at
my geocities site. If you are blogging about this issue or participating in forums, you may also need my URLGenerator, which inputs the Surah & Ayat numbers and outputs the URL of the ayat on the USC site. I used it to make the links above.

If you want to pass out information to others, but lack detailed knowledge or confidence to do so, my geocities site also contains 19 tri-fold flyers which you can print, fold and distribute freely. [In February of 2006, the flyers were converted to pdf format for easier reading and printing.

Please consider joining the United American Committee . They are forming statewide and nationwide organizations to unite activists and coordinate activism. They have an excellent forum for sharing resources, knowledge and ideas.

Terror-Watch also has an excellent forum with current news as well as archives of information and resources.

The above mentioned Hadith collections are incomplete. Sunni Path has another version of Sahih Bukhari, which, while incomplete, has some parts which USC left out. Unfortunately, it does not consist of named anchors for hyperlinking. I wish to draw your attention to one ahadith:
Jubayr ibn Hayya said, "So 'Umar detailed us and appointed an-Nu'man ibn Muqarran over us. When we reached enemy territory, the agent of Chosroes came out to us with forty thousand men. An interpreter stood up and said, 'Let a man among you speak to me.' Al-Mughira said, 'Ask whatever you like.' He said, 'Who are you?' He replied, 'We are people of the Arabs. We used to be in terrible hardship and severe affliction. We would suck hides and date-stones out of hunger and we wore camel hair and goat hair. We used to worship trees and stones. While we were like that, the Lord of the heavens and the Lord of the earths - may His mention be exalted and His immensity magnified! - sent us a Prophet from among ourselves whose father and mother we knew. Our Prophet, the Messenger of our Lord, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, has commanded us to fight you until you worship Allah alone or pay the jizya. Out Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, has informed us from the message of our Lord: whoever of us is killed will go to the Garden in bliss whose like he has never seen. Whoever of us remains will be your masters.'

There are many excellent sources of information about Islamic doctrine & practice. Here is a list of a few of my favorites.
  • Faith Freedom is an apostate oriented site whose founder escaped from Islam. It has many excellent articles, a forum and one of the best online libraries.
  • Islam Watch is another apostate oriented site with numerous excellent articles & resources. Among them, I found The Compassionate, The Merciful Prophet, which goes into details of one of Muhammad's ghazwat, the first example of Islamic genocide.
  • Alquraan is an Islamic site which features Muhammad's extortion letters and treaties, which prove that Muhammad, Islam's founder, was an extortioner.
  • The Prophet Of Doom, by Craig Winn, is a 1000 pg. book which combines the Qur'an with Islamic history and biography which supply context & chronology. You can read it free online.
  • The Mid East Media Research Institute translates Arabic language outrages into English. They have many instructive transcripts and video .
  • The Sealed Nectar: Muhammad's authorized biography. Much of this is tough going, but "pages" 6 & 13 go into details of Muhamad's ghazwat, and are extremely informative!
  • HAMAS Charter : The terror group's organic law is replete with Qur'an & Hadith quotes which tell us exactly what is going on.
  • GAMLA : Muslim celebrations of the Abomination; how disgusting can it get?
  • Sayyid Qutb's Milestones: Ch. 4: Jihad. You will be angered!
  • Hasan al-Banna : JIHAD from the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood; precursor to HAMAS & al-Qaeda.
  • Understanding Islam a Muslim site with a great deal of information.
  • Khalifa This Muslim site tells what they are about; much historical information included.
  • Islamist Watch Vital excerpts from the most infamous Islamic authors.
  • Answering Islam: Christian-- Islam dialogue; a very informative site.

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Great blog...this Linedoll should immediately be removed...he has become a censor..who is inclinced to support and defend those who would kill 3000 Americans in a singlr sfternoon. Under the guise of justice and morality, Linedoll simply eliminates messages and those who post them when there is a hint of critisisim