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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Obamination: False Choice--Who Will You Stiff?

The debt limit issue is loaded with snake excrement. It is asserted that, if we can't borrow more, we can't pay our bills. Those promoting that idea want us to overlook a fatal flaw in their argument. Periodic payments of interest & principal on Treasury Bills are part of our bills. 

    If we can't pay "our bills", we can't make our loan payments. If we can only service existing loans by borrowing more, then we can't pay our bills and we can't service our debt; we are functionally bankrupt.

    We are borrowing from Peter to pay Paul.  Sooner or later, Peter and Paul will figure out that they are not really being paid. We must reduce borrowing and increase transfer of real value.  We must drastically reduce federal spending. 

    Who do you screw; Mom's doctor, Suzie's dentist or Gradpa's pension?  Do you cut out gasoline and walk thirty miles to work?  Do you cut out natural gas and let the pipes freeze?  Do you turn off the air conditioner and let Grandma suffer heat stroke? 

    Rush Limbaugh says that Social Security is safe because it is vested in Treasury Bills, which can be sold. He neglects the fact that with our credit worthless, those sales will have greatly reduced yield.  Interest rates will escalate as a result.  The day is coming when there will be no buyers at the T Bill auctions.

    Families suffer those choices when the government ships jobs overseas, raises taxes and artificially inflates food, medical & energy  prices.   TARP lined the pockets of fat cat bankers & brokers, who, in turn, contributed to the Democrat's war chest. Stimulus lined the pockets of union goons, who, in turn, contributed to the Democrat's war chest. 

    They did it all on borrowed money and they can't pay it back, so they plan to bleed the "rich", "wealthy" and "millionaires".  When you bleed them, you bleed all of the service providers, vendors and employees who depend on them. That is the way to shrink the economy and prolong the depression, not the way to solve it.

    Now is the time to wise up and rise up.  Tell your Democrat Representative & Senators to go to Hell. Tell your Republican Representative & Senators to stand up and fight back, with courage; without fear or this term will be their last.  Tell the Republican Party that you have made your last contribution unless they quit caving in to outrageous tactical and strategic demands.

    The '12 primary season is our chance to stand up and declare that we are through eating excrement sandwiches.  Not on white, not on whole wheat; not with mustard, nor with ketchup. No more vague "miracle cure" plans.  No more impossible promises. Demand common sense and accept nothing less. Names & appearance don't count. Charisma is not important.  Examine the candidate's past statements and actions. Examine the writings, statements and actions of their cronies. Decide your votes between your ears, not between your legs. 

    "White balls elect, black cubes reject, be careful when voting and make no mistakes."

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