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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Political Correctness : Double Edged Sword

News of the following on line petition arrived by email: Condemn Anti-Semitism at UC Irvine. Even though I am sympathetic to the cause, and one of the early endorsements comes from a fellow blogger whom I respect and consider a friend, I am unwilling to endorse it.

The petition complains of a Muslim Student Union project: “Israel: The Politics of Genocide”, which is predicted will "demonize Israel and make false and hateful accusations against Israel and Jews". The petition calls upon the Chancellor to condemn the event and its sponsor.

I believe that universities should be bastions of free speech and open debate, where all viewpoints can be aired, supported and opposed without fear or favor. Neither censorship, intimidation nor physical assault should be allowed on campus.

When deceptive propaganda is promulgated, it should be identified as such and refuted with relevant, verifiable facts. If bigots are invited to spew hatred on campus, their visits should be proceeded by exposure of their curriculum vitae including previous false or hateful expressions. Let debate be open, vitae and voluminous.

The Terrorism Awareness Project sponsors an annual Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week. The attempts to censor IFAW expose the true bigotry, that of the Islam appeasing left wing.

I previously wrote in opposition to David Horowitz's campaign to censor the hadith collection at USC, sponsored by the local Muslim Student Association. When Israel is falsely accused of genocidal intentions & actions, these ahadith Sahih Muslim Book 041, Number 6981... Book 041, Number 6985 offer an opportunity to rub the Muslim's snouts in their deception.

Is the MSA anti-semitic? Obviously! After all, it is Islamic. Islam is intrinsically anti-semitic. Hatred of Jews is inculcated in the Qur'an and takes its ultimate form in the above mentioned ahadith, which indicate that the Muslims can not enter Paradise until they hunt down and kill the last remaining Jews.

Is the MSA a proponent of genocide? Obviously! Again, because it is Islamic. Allah places a high value on "great slaughter", making it Moe's price of admission to Paradise. Killing and wounding "many of them" is also prescribed as a prerequisite for holding prisoners for ransom. Moe's genocide against the Banu Qurayzah is exemplary. I assume that the critics of the MSA are unwilling to mount a direct frontal assault upon the real evil because they are loathe to be branded "Islamophobes". A petition condemning an Islamic organization should clearly state the real reasons for condemning it, and present the relevant evidence, without reservation.

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