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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Welcome Warning Signs & Jihad Watch Readers

The author is human and passed a link without first updating the link list. That error has been corrected.

Crusader's Armory is a small geocities site. Its purpose is to make resources available to Crusaders. It contains fliers, texts and plenty of links to on line resources. There are two libraries. Files in The New Expanded Library are more advanced than those in the older library. With the exception of Reliance, they have functioning index tabs and are interoperable with each other. The newer files are stored off site; downloading them will not crash the server.

Go Burn With Muhammad was created to expose the numerous tricks & traps cleverly concealed in A Common Word Between Us and You. This narrow niche blog has a popular resource post with links to the Qur'an & Hadith in multiple formats. It even has a Bible download link.

Islamophobia: Exposing Malicious Malarkey was created to expose the al-taqeyya & kitman of two OIC Ambassadors.

Moe's Murder Cult was created as a venue for re-posting the Myth vs Fact Series as it is edited. It has a Resources page with all the resources from Go Burn plus a large list of links to book sites.

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