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Saturday, January 16, 2016

State Of The Union: Haley Response

State Of The Union: Haley Response Nikki Haley ran for governor as a Tea Party candidate.  When I heard her  GOP Response to the State Of Confusion Address, I felt she'd converted to the Piss Party.  Her speech enraged me as much as Obamination's.

    I was working on my response to Obamination while listening to Haley, not really giving her much attention, so I sought a review. I found video at The Hill.  I found a trranscript at Time.

    Having viewed the video and read the transcript, I have selected key sentences, clauses and phrases which stand out like a boil on the ass of the party and highligted them for emphasis.

3:58 minutes  into the speech, the excrement hits the fan.
  • And many of your frustrations are my frustrations.
    • A frustration with a government that has grown day after day, year after year, yet doesn’t serve us any better. 
    • A frustration with the same, endless conversations we hear over and over again. 
    • A frustration with promises made and never kept.
    Haley assures us that she recognizes and shares our frustration with expanding bureaucracy, endless repetition of propaganda and unkept promises.  She knows that the party base is outraged and why.  
      • We as Republicans need to own that truth. 
        • We need to recognize our contributions to the erosion of the public trust in America’s leadership. 
        • We need to accept that we’ve played a role in how and why our government is broken
    She  appears to toss a bone to be base, but pulls it back on a string of guilt: which belongs to the party bosses, not to the base. Bush lied: "no new taxes" . Thousands died and Shrub lied: "great religion of peace".  

    They told us they could not resist the 'crat juggernaut  'cuz  the 'crats held both houses of Congress and the Presidency.  We gave them the House and they told us they could not stand up to the  'crats 'cuz they needed the Senate, too.  We gave them the Senate and they folded like a house of cards for fear of "shutting down the government".  

    Yes, the voters of Ohio share some guilt 'cuz they kept John Boehner in office.  The voters of  Kentucky  share some guilt 'cuz they kept Mitch McConnel in office. I plead not guilty: I never voted for either of those disgusting RINOs.  
  • During anxious times, it can be tempting to follow the siren call of the angriest voices
        Haley is carrying the piss bucket for Bush,  Boehner/Ryan & McConnel and dumping it on Donald J. Trump & Senator Ted Cruz. We caught the splatter.

    Must be she is only frustrated, not angry  or not voicing her anger. Or is she only angry at Trump for crashing through the PC barrier, opening a gap which Dr. Carson and Senator Cruz passed through, leaving Bush on the other side?
    • We must resist that temptation.
  • No one who is willing to work hard, abide by our laws, and love our traditions should ever feel unwelcome in this country.
    The new wave of Muslim  immigrants are not willing to work hard, there are no jobs for us, let alone them and they come to suck  jizya through the welfare teat, which will drain our pockets.  

    They hate our traditions:Christianity, liberty, equality & representative government.  They ain't welcome!
    • And in this age of terrorism, we must not let in refugees whose intentions cannot be determined.
    Am I the only one who perceives the blatant contradiction?  Only by knowing that they are Muslims, obligated by their deity to conquer us, can we gage their intentions.  Because of al-taqeyya & Kitman, we can not trust their representations.  Because one of them has already perpetrated a terror attack and others have been arrested for plotting attacks,  our suspicions are confirmed.
      • I have no doubt that if we act with proper focus, we can protect our borders, our sovereignty and our citizens, all while remaining true to America’s noblest legacies.

America’s noblest legacies

    That echoes Obamination's "best in us", click the link to see how I dissected that turd. We  have been  scolded that objecting to the admission of an enemy fifth column conflicts with the ideals enshrined in the Declaration Of Independence.
    • We didn’t turn against each other’s race or religion. We turned toward God, and to the values that have long made our country the freest and greatest in the world.
    Roof's white skin and supposed Christian religion are irrelevant to his crime. He is obviously insane and addled by sumptuary substances.  His unconscionable act  does not reflect White Christian Americans.  

    Syed Farook and his immigrant wife were motivated to slaughter 14 innocent people by the damnable doctrines enshrined in the Qur'an & hadith. They showed us what Islam is & Muslims do; why the rest of them should be kept out.  Our ideals & values are not in conflict with   excluding inimical predators.
  • Some people think that you have to be the loudest voice in the room to make a difference.
    That is  obviously a swipe at Trump , Carson & Cruz.  It is an unwarranted  swing of the piss bucket which does not belong in the state of the union response.

    Trump, a 'crat opportunist masquerading as a Conservative, is saying what the party base longs to hear, singing their  lyrics but, like all 'crats & RINOs,  promises gold and will deliver shit.  

    To make a difference and restore the  Constitution, we need to elect genuine Conservatives to replace the 'crats, CINOs & RINOs in congress and the white house.  
    • And as we usher in this new era, Republicans will stand up for our beliefs.
    That would be a first, a real novel occurrence, one for the record books.
  • We would respect differences in modern families, but we would also insist on respect for religious liberty as a cornerstone of our democracy.
    Bringing Queers into the state of the union response is a new low.   Religious liberty is for people who practice religions, not participants in perpetual war crimes.  Islam & Muslims do not fit under the penumbra of free exercise clause protection. There is no right to conquer, enslave, plunder & rape.

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