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Friday, December 02, 2011

Republican Jewish Coalition Excludes Ron Paul From Forum

I learned from an article at the Examiner, that the Republican Jewish Coalition plans to exclude Rep. Ron Paul from their Dec. 7 candidate forum.   They object to his expressed views on foreign policy and national security issues as I do. 

    While I sympathize with Israel, I take exception to the decision to exclude Paul from the debate because I believe that the voters should be exposed to the entire range of views expressed by the potential nominees.  As a nominal Republican, I am embarrassed by his irrational rants.  As an Islam hating lover of life & liberty, I am outraged by his treachery, but I believe that contradictory speech  is the best antidote to expressed idiocy & treachery. 

    Fools who cherry pick a single position with which they agree, neglecting critically important issues with political tunnel vision risk foisting another disaster on this nation.  Both those fools and the rest of the GOP primary electorate should be exposed to the full range of ideas from the top level candidates for the nomination.

    I am not comfortable with the Jewish Coalition concept, in either party.  Participants in American electoral politics should be American citizens and identify as such.  Dividing ourselves by ethnic origin is the first step toward Balkanization, which is absolutely the wrong way to go; the polar opposite of the American way.  We should coalesce around issues, not identity. 


Ema Nymton said...


Ali Ben Ali Mohammad Abdul Scumbag, ("SandMaggots are Muslims" “'Tain't over 'till the last Muslim is dead. Is it clear to you yet?”)

"Participants in American electoral politics should be American citizens and identify as such. ... We should coalesce around issues, not identity. "

So, do you feel the same way toward USA followers of Islam? You do remember your calling for the mass murder of unarmed and defenseless people because of their identity, don't you?

Ema Nymton

Ben said...

The nice gentlemen in the white coats are looking for you, Ema. They miss your wonderful wit & humor, their work days are boring in your absence.

I object to identity politics, no matter which ethnic group is involved.

i object to the existence of Islam because it is founded on the economic principles of plunder & extortion.

Islam is totally incompatible with liberty, prosperity and security. It can not be tolerated.