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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Negotiating with Terrorists: Suicidal Idiocy

Four years on, and Gilad's still in captivity
To sign on to the Jerusalem Post's demand for the immediate release of Gilad Schalit, read the article linked above and post a talkback.

While I did leave a suggestion, it was not complete because I doubt that the Post would print what I have to say. I suggested that Bibi make a final best offer: Marwan Bhargouti dead for Gilad Schalit alive.

Moe, their Profit & role model, made his living1 by taking captives and holding them for ransom. When you pay ransom, you are an accessory after the fact, rewarding evil doers for doing evil. You get more of what your reward and less of what you punish.

Bibi has foolishly offered a 1000:1 ransom. Let him renege on that offer. On or immediately following the anniversary of the seizure, let the surviving members of Gilad's patrol fall in for roll call. Let them call his name three times. When he fails to answer, let one of the 1000 prisoners proposed for exchange be summarily executed and buried in a pigskin shroud.

Execute one prisoner from the list each day that week. On Monday of the next week, assemble the patrol for roll call. After roll call, execute two prisoners. Execute two more every day that week. On the third week, up the number to three. Escalate every succeeding week until Gilad is released.

If they threaten to torture Gilad, then torture the 1000 prisoners. If they kill him, then execute the 1000 prisoners. There will be bitter complaint & kvetching. Tell the complainers to go to Hell; who kvetched when Gilad was seized and his compatriots murdered?

They will invoke the Geneva Accords: tell them to go to Hell; who enforce the accords against HAMAS? They will go crying to the Security Council: tell the U..N. to go to Hell; their resolutions are null and void, of no effect. Stick
UN Resolution 1701 up their nose.

Be a Mensch, Israel, get off your knees.


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