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Monday, October 05, 2009

Unfairness Doctrine Goes Global

Carefully buried in the middle of the UNHRC's Orwellian Freedom of Opinion and Expression resolution lies an cleverly disguised attack on our right to choose from a free market offering of news and opinion. It is obvious that the Obama administration is overreaching, giving their unfairness doctrine global scope.

The following text appears on page 4 of the UNHRC Freedom of Opinion and Expression resolution as part of a list of actions that all states are called upon to perform. [Emphasis added.]
(h) To promote a pluralistic approach to information and multiple points of view by encouraging a diversity of ownership of media and of sources of information, including mass media, through, inter alia, transparent licensing systems and effective regulations on undue concentration of ownership of the media in the private sector;
A Google search for the first 16 words of that paragraph yields only one result, a sure indication that the text is new, not boilerplate from earlier resolutions. Where did it come from? Recalling an earlier blog post which was sparked by an article at World Net Daily, I found the most likely source.

A Center for American Progress report, "The Structural Imbalance of Political Talk Radio" discusses the "Imbalance" in talk radio programming. Their attitude holds talk radio to be unfairly dominated by Conservative talk show hosts; they seek ways and means of increasing the number and proportion of Socialist talk show hosts and broadcast hours. Mark Lloyd, who was involved in writing the report, is the FCC's new Diversity Czar.
CFAP 06/22/07

The following text appears on page 10 of the pdf file [Pg. 14 of the original.]

We recommend that radio ownership caps be revised as follows:
  • National radio ownership by any one entity should not exceed 5 percent of the total number of AM and FM broadcast stations.
  • In terms of local ownership, no one entity should control more than 10 percent of the total commercial radio stations in a given market, or specifically, more than:
    • Four commercial stations in large markets (a radio market with 45 or more commercial radio stations).
    • Three stations in mid-markets (between30 and 44 total commercial radio stations).
    • Two stations in smaller markets (between 15 and 29 total commercial radio stations).
    • One station in the smallest markets (14 or fewer total commercial radio stations).
It is possible that Egypt suggested item h in that list, but World Information Access, in a report on ownership diversity, serves up this tidbit.
With continual struggle for free private expression in Egyptian media and commonplace restrictions on information deemed damaging or critical of the government Reporters Without Borders rated Egypt 146th out of 169 countries in their media freedom index.
The provision was most likely suggested by the American delegation, and probably came from supporters of the CAP report. The Obama administration is not satisfied with censoring conservative dissent at home, they want to silence conservative dissent throughout the world, giving Socialism a global media monopoly.

If they can shut conservatives out of talk radio, they can close down our blogs as hinted at in page 7 of the resolution and obtain a near total control on the flow of information and opinion. The next step toward tyranny would be precision of the 22nd Amendment. We need to act now to initiate the process of correcting the fatal error we made last November.Be among the avant guard, get in on the ground floor by joining the movement to Impeach President Obama.

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